Writing Wiki Entries

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  • How to contribute to this wiki​

    Wiki page creation/editing/management permissions are granted on a basis of demonstrated skills in the forums.

    Typical Requirements to be Considered:
    • 500+ forum messages posted
    • Providing consistent credible information to others
    • Good forum behavior
    Message Will Prowse if you fit the bill.

    Writing Wiki Articles​

    The biggest benefit of our Wiki is to save time! Instead of typing out a full explanation and example for each question posted on the forum, we can create a personal collection of links on the Wiki to direct folks to.

    If you see people asking the same question over and over again, feel free to make a wiki page about that topic or issue.

    Style Guidelines
    • State facts with references, not opinions.
    • Unless providing credit/accolades, there should not be reference/innuendo regarding any members.
    • Pages should be laser focused on one topic, and as complete as possible on that one topic.
    A good wiki has:
    • Relevant/Concise/Organized information
    • References if necessary

    A bad wiki:
    • Is constantly updated. If you deviate far from the fundamentals, you will need to update your posts constantly. Keep this in mind. The information should aim to be "timeless".
    • Product recommendations. These have no place in a Wiki.
    • Redundant information

    How to format good wiki page:
    Make it like this message. Bold font for the headers and short concise paragraphs.

    Making Edits
    All contrubitors should feel free to comment upon or alter existing articles. If you can replace a 10 paragraph explanation with a few lines or an image, do it! We need to be as concise as possible.

    There's no provision that when you click save you didn't over-write someone else's edits (that is you were both editing at the same time), so please check the revision history before calling it mission complete.

    Conventions when Creating Pages
    • Pages aren't easy to delete, so triple check you need to create a page before doing it
    • The title should be a one-word over-arching summary as this is what appears in the Page List and one of the ways users can get to the entry. Good title examples are Automation, Tools. The Wiki automatically provides a URL link when a title is used in other entries.
    • The Link URL is usually the same as the title, but if that is already in use add a subtitle separated by an underscore
    • DO NOT CHANGE THE LINK URL, it will break all URL links to the page.
    • A page doesn't need to have a parent node. It only makes sense when creating hierarchies, e.g. a page on "Batteries" with sub-pages on LiFePO4, FLA, etc. Child entries also appear under the parent in the Page list.

    Color Code Conventions
    Black - Normal wiki text.
    Green - Comments regarding the current section of the wiki to be addressed
    Red - Do we need a red?

    About the XenCarta Wiki Plug-in
    The forum uses XenForo and the is wiki makes use of the XenCarta plugin. Link to XenCarta documentation would be nice