Heating Ventilation and Cooling Concepts

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  • This page covers some common concepts related to improving comfort through air control.
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    ℹ️ Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling (HVAC) is the science of regulating Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) efficiently.

    Important Indoor Air Quality parameters:​

    • (C/F) Temperature
    • (%RH) Humidity
    • (CO2)___Carbon Dioxide
    • (CO)____Carbon Monoxide
    • (PM2.5) Fine Particulates
    • (O3)____Ozone
    • (VOC)___Volatile Organic Compounds
    • (Rn)____Radon

    ❄️ Temperature regulation ♨️is the most common type of comfort improvement, right behind humidity regulation.

    Example 1: Hot Day​

    It's hot and you want to cool down. Turn on the Air Conditioner! How many BTU/hr is it?

    8,000BTU/hr ~ 12,000BTU/hr or (0.6-1 Ton) for window units
    24,000BTU/hr ~ 60,000BTU/hr or ( 3-5 Ton) for residential air conditioners

    HVAC commonly uses "Tons" of cooling meaning 12,000BTU/hr capacity per 1 Ton.
    This refers to 1 Ton of ice 🧊 providing 12,000BTU/hr cooling for 24 hours, as ice is a method of cooling.
    For example: 2 Tons = 2 * 12,000BTU/hr = 24,000BTU/hr for 24 hours a day.

    Watts is another unit of thermal energy, important and fundamental. Related but *different* from electric watt!
    3.412 BTU = 1 Watt thermal
    100W is equal to about 340BTU/hr.
    3500W is equal to 1 Ton is equal to 12,000BTU/hr.

    Example 2: Cold Day​

    It's cold and you want to warm up. Turn on the Heater! How many BTU/hr is it?

    1,000BTU/hr ~ 5,000BTU/hr for electric AC heater via 1500W outlet
    10,000BTU/hr ~ 100,000BTU/hr for propane heaters

    💧 Humidity regulation 🏜️can make the same temperature more comfortable + generate grey water.

    Example 3: Humid Day​

    It's humid and you want to feel more dry. Turn on the Dehumidifier! How many pints/hr is it?

    0.5pint~3pints/hr for electric AC portable dehumidifiers