LiFePO4 Prismatic cell manufacturers

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  • Index of Lifepo4 Prismatic Manufacturers.​

    Taken from this thread by @Dzl

    It is partial, imperfect, and evolving. If you see errors, have additions, or have questions/comments, comment below.
    If you are aware of a manufacturer I missed, or have a brand you want investigated, mention it in the comments (preferably with a link, and a picture of the cell).

    Parameters for being included: (1) LFP or close cousin such as LYP (2) an actual manufacturer (3) offer at least one prismatic cell between 20-500 Ah.

    Plastic Case Prismatic Cells
    BrandCompany NameChemistryFoundedWebsiteAlibabaMiC
    CALBChina Aviation Lithium Battery
    WinstonThunder Sky Winston Energy Group Limited (?)
    SinopolySinopoly Battery
    GBSZhejiang GBS Energy Co., LimitedLFP2007gbslithiumbattery.comGBS Alibaba StoreGBS MiC Store

    Note: It is my understanding that all of the plastic cased cell manufacturers descend from Thundersky, A company founded in 1998 that splintered (with a fair bit of drama) around 2007.

    Aluminum Case Prismatic Cells
    BrandCompany NameChemistryFoundedWebsiteAlibabaMiC
    CATLContemporary Amperex Technology
    ETCWuhu ETC Battery LtdLFP2014etcbattery.comETC Alibaba StoreETC MiC Store
    EVEEVE Energy Co., LtdLFP2001evebattery.comEVE Alibaba Store
    HigeeJiangsu Higee Energy Co., LtdLFP2016ihigee.comHigee Alibaba Store
    CALB (CAM)China Aviation Lithium Battery
    FreyJiangsu Frey Battery Technology Co., LtdLFP2010chinafrey.comFrey Alibaba Store
    LishenTianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co.,
    GanfengJianxi Ganfeng Battery Technology Co.

    CALB (CA Series)CALB (SE Series)WinstonSinopolyGBS
    CALB_CA.jpeg CALB_SE.jpeg Winston.jpeg Sinopoly.jpeg GBS.jpeg

    CATL.jpg ETC.jpg EVE.jpg

    FreyCALB (CAM Series)HigeeGanfeng
    CALB_CAM.jpg Higee.jpg
    *Click Images to expand. Almost every cell (including blue aluminums) have visual indicators of manufacturer. Pay particular attention to terminals, QR code placement and features, and vent shape and orientation. Be aware some features vary based on size/capacity/generation.

    **Many of these manufacturers are not 'consumer facing,' and do not sell cells through retail channels.

    Cell Datasheets​

    Below are example datasheets for each of the cell manufacturers. By "example," I mean that the specifications apply to the specific model of cell indicated on the datasheet. It should not be assumed that these specifications apply broadly to all of a manufacturers product lines, all models, or all generations/revisions. CALB is the only manufacturer in the list that has each of its 3 product lines listed separately.

    CALB CA 180*CALB SE 200GBS 200Sinopoly 200*Winston 200*

    Ganfeng 100Higee 152AhLishen 272Ah----------------------

    *Indicates a concise spec sheet, not a full length datasheet. If you can provide a full datasheet for any of these manufacturers (especially if it is close to 200Ah) it would be greatly appreciated.