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    JBD BMS reads 6, 0, 0, 6 volts?

    Just a guess, but you might check to verify that the leads are wired in the correct order.
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    I do this, but for a different reason. Once or twice a year I MANUALLY initiate my Equalize function to drive my pack to 14.0V to calibrate my Trimetric. Normally I bounce my pack between 13.0V and 13.3V.
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    What is the easiest way to compress prismatic Cells?

    Section 5.1, item numbers 4 and 5, under "Measuring Procedure", at the following link. Other cells have similar specs. You can find many of them under the "Resources" tab at the top of this page.
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    What is the easiest way to compress prismatic Cells?

    Compared to the price of the cells, threaded rods and springs are cheap. I chose to put mine in a compression fixture to meet the recommendations of my cell manufacturer (EVE) for longest life. I also have flexible bus bars in order to minimize stress on my terminals. ON EDIT: I should add that...
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    Do LFP produce heat with discharge?

    I've got a 2p4s 12-volt bank utilizing 8 EVE 230s. I'm using four of the little heating elements stuck to an aluminum plate to spread the heat. At only 28 W, it heats the pack pretty gently.
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    Do LFP produce heat with discharge?

    That's exactly what I'm using.
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    300KgF clamping fixtures and capacity loss?

    Yes. About .5mm per cell.
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    Lithium & Morningstar TS-45?

    Depending on your panels, you will very likely harvest more energy from an MPPT controller. Check out this video for a comparison of many of the leading brands. . None of these are AIOs, which are popular in some circles, but aren't for everybody.
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    Lithium & Morningstar TS-45?

    I have a Morningstar TS-MPPT- 45 with 465W of panels and a DIY 460AH bank. I had 4 GC2s for 6 years before that. I was able to successfully reprogram my Morningstar to work with the LiFePo4 bank. Do you own everything you need to connect to the controller? Morningstar has the required software...
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    Constructing or buying a 300ah Lifepo4 battery, but which configuration and cells are the best?

    I encourage you to keep reading in this forum. You will learn a ton as I have. For your specific case however, I would also suggest you wander over into some marine forums where the same topic is discussed with your specific application. Following is one example...
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    Beware @Michael B Caro

    I was responding to your comment, and attempting to kindly explain to you why not everybody may think it's as crazy as you do. If you want to interpret that as a "defense", then by all means you do you. Go in peace, I'm out.
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    Beware @Michael B Caro

    I think you are mistaken, I didn't defend anybody. I just stated my experience and suggested that perhaps others with a similar experience, or those who observed the other successful transactions over a long period of time, may not see his motivations the same way you do.
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    RV lifepo4 install... Location question (off grid)

    My 2P4S 460 amp hour battery sits under my bed. It never experiences any overheating there, but I never exceed a .3C charge or discharge rate. If your charge or discharge rates are much higher than that, it's possible it could be an issue. My advice would be to try it and monitor the...
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    Beware @Michael B Caro

    There are a lot of people on this forum, including me, who received quite satisfactory cells from Michael for a long time before the SHTF event. My EVE 230 cells arrived in perfect condition in August, right about the time the CATL disaster began. I think a lot of long-time forum members...
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    resisters as the heater

    The heaters themselves might very well get that hot if not attached to anything as they have almost no thermal mass and little surface area to dissipate heat. After I attached them to the aluminum plate, I could not get the PLATE hotter than 110 degrees. That was in air with no mass attached...