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    Looking for All-in-One Recommendation for Motorhome

    i left the rv native on coach battery (beefed up the batterys) and put in a seperate coach2 battery bank. its got inverters and runs the tvs, electronics, half the lights both have seperate charge controllers and panels. nothing critical to offgrid survival, creature comforts battery bank...
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    Multiple Charge controllers to one battery bank

    would reconsider your panel choice... a few holes is not a big deal... once that flexi panel dies, how you gonna get it off?
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    Charging times

    the 5 hour number is good if you live at the equator and a cloudless day. in the real world it will take 10 plus hours most likely if you run the battery all the way down
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    I am feeling REALLY Dumb

    What charge controller do you have, some will not bring back a totally depleated battery you might need to plug in a smart charger
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    Planning off-grid workshop/home in northern Wisconsin

    the lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry is not like your drone batterys at all.. Im a 5th scale rc nut and have had plenty of lipo packs torch up, its not the same tech...
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    All In One options

    downsides of the all in ones is the amp draw at idle is higher than some component built systems and the fan noises on some are pretty loud, and most all in ones dont have alot of "peak power" and if one part fails its not as easy as swaping out an inverter or charge controller in a component...
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    Charger Specs - Power Factor (not eff)

    I have that charger on my RV and just ordered a killawatt meter. Once it comes will plug it into the charger and post results.
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    Mounted/Removable Panels

    i have 2 telescopic ladders (for roof top tents on our jeeps) we have used them leaned up against the jeep with panels hooked to them, its not pretty or super fast but does work and then the ladders are very compact for storage. or we ahve put them across from jeep to jeep and had the panels...
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    Does roof mounted panels impact Aerodynamics?

    roof mounting anything can affect aerodynamics... my jeep with racks and lights gets 1-2 less mph its considerably louder, but its loud with mud tires so that drowns out the sound. best move is as pyke13 said to put a wind deflector if you want to get it more aerodynamic
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    Hot tub solar

    simple way would be one of the mpp all in one units that will recomments, or build your own from components. get 3 full size panels and whatever flavor of 100AH @48 volt batterys to start. technically you should figure out your "load" before getting the equipment, but with this use( the temp...
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    Water heater timer for Marathon?

    True.. location , location, location... Im in northern IL , i would have to triple the panels and my experience here with heat pumps is once real winter sets in they dont work that great. but the tech might be better these days. We did a well /geothermal for the AC which works well here, in...
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    PIP-1012LV-MK issue. Any body has one of this model?

    send it back , use your old one and just add one more charge controller seems to be the best solution to me.
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    Stolen solar panels?

    Hello this is carol baskin... i dare you to steal my panels.... lol
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    Off Grid EV charge station

    I would get 10 panels for looks and hide a huge diesel generator in a shed.