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    Will generator work with Growatt?

    Assuming Lipo4 from the low voltage numbers. Output Voltage from the two charge sources would need to be very close. I had two SCC charging batteries if output voltage was 0.1 volt different the lower one moved no amps. Other than that should work fine. I have charged with two SCC and generator...
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    Low temperature cutoff options when your bms and charge controller don’t.

    Don’t jump in with both feet others may advise against but I think if you had a single pole open on fall thermostat of some kind and broke a sensor wire it would disconnect. You may be just wanting to stop change but allow discharge, I don’t know how to do that.
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    Ampinvt 80A Controller set up?

    So I have the 12V 120-3000 also have two 60 amp SCC by another name but the same. The inverter yes like a power supply. You can manually change the current and voltage but that is it. The SCC even on fla just 1 voltage no float no absorb I put them on the shelf and got a growatt.
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    How serious is ventilation design with FLA?

    Please don’t use PVC air moving though it cause static buildup. You are producing oxygen and hydrogen and now you can produce a spark, extant! I have a cabinet shop ( hobby) originally I used PVC for dust removal. WITHOUT MATERIAL MOVING THROUGH IT. It would very quickly build up static and it...
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    Possibly dumb questions from a newbie

    I live North of Russellville. I have a DIY grid tied system on Entergy of Arkansas. I have a 25 year 1 to 1 contract. I have a Schneider XW6848 and two of their solar charge controllers. I purchased panels, batteries, and Schneider gear from Northern Arizona wind and Sun. Great company. I got it...
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    Problem with inverter and DC overcharge

    Inverter enabled not in standby? Bypass breaker in correct position?
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    Problem with inverter and DC overcharge

    You need to become a lot more familiar with your system. Off grid is not a set and forgot. That being said, you have two methods of charge. One being the charger in the inverter, the other the solar panels through the charge controller. Both have settings that can be configured to the battery...
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    Big systems, how big is big? Biggest?

    I started by reducing load! 6.1 kw panels 42 kw fla batteries 6.8 kw Schneider Sell to Grid connected 1 to 1 contract About 3 kw surplus annually
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    Panel upgrade

    I would unwire panels and short circuit and check panel output that way. If watts check out that way. Look at wire size and length.
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    Panel upgrade

    Are creating a 2 nd charge circuit? Or combining new and old panels to create a single charge circuit? Panel voltage is easy to produce but much cloud of shading can cause amps to fall off bad.
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    Batteries dead suddenly

    What method do you use to determine approximate SOC? The system could have been lower than you think it was.
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    Batteries dead suddenly

    Looking at SOK specs they won’t charge under temperature, doesn’t say won’t discharge.
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    Batteries dead suddenly

    If off on low voltage charging should wake them up. The b2b charge is the only source of charge? What amperage is it capable of? Do you have cables large enough to support the amps? How long and often have you been charging?
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    Batteries dead suddenly

    If temperature recovered and BMS is still open l would think that they are off on low voltage disconnect. Do they have internal heat? If so it could have contributed to running them down.
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    Batteries dead suddenly

    If SOKs have built in low temperature cut off on the BMS that could be what caused the 1 with 2.4 volts to disconnect. Were the batteries allowed to go to 0 C. ? If not could be they weren’t charging because of low temperature.