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  • Apex power can I hook up the battle born battery and 4 gauge cable The waiting period for a battery from the company is too long
    They discontinued the Apex now they want me to upgrade to the new system bullshit
    I used my home address and it came back "banned for spam. I don't understand what happened. I do have a VPN browser and I wonder if it was on when I registered and thought I was from some other country. I'm using my work address and wondered if I can "un-ban" my home address(s) - My old one is and my current one is

    same happened to me. solution... open a "new private tab" , do not select "pre-populated URL", register again with a different email and create a different user ID.
    Thank you!
    I recently purchased a Bluetti AC200P why does it not accept a LiFePO4 battery as a power source?
    Hello Will, long time, just kidding, Canadian humour
    I cant view latest video?..say PRIVATE

    TechQ, trying to find a "proper" Inverter, Low frequency, sinigeer,aims,etc
    UPS that has some security cameras on it, and a comp, the highfreq inverters make a lot of noise on camera monitor

    P.S. at 57, I have not heard any one better in knowledge of all this electrical stuff YOU, are great.



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    sorry for short post, i had to keep deleting, not enough character, wouldnt finish, you,You,YOU,sir are knowlagable, and great DUDE. Thanks for what you do.
    I'm afraid I did something wrong. I apologize. I had copied a response from an Ebay vendor that proved wrong. This was about the Growatt unit and had to do with the wifi dongle and the need to have battery BMS communicate with the Growatt unit. I had copied my email and it showed the vendors name. Was this my mistake? Thanks Will.
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