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  • Post in thread: Freezer as Ice thermal storage air conditioning

    This is valid if you isolate the freezer outside of the area being cooled. You are storing energy in a thermal battery instead of a chemical battery. A thermal battery's application is limited to exactly what you are trying to do; displace heat energy. The picture OP attached will not be an...
  • Post in thread: Y'all rock

    Some of us, in our older age, roll.
  • Post in thread: Does AirCon damage Inverters over time?

    Perfect. I am glad to hear stories like this. I just don't want to ruin my inverter. I know the inrush of inductive loads takes a toll on the inverter. I was trying to see the degree of degradation. Anecdotal stories like yours at least suggests the damage won't be seen for a while. I appreciate...
  • Post in thread: Create my own bus bar

    I did reference that earlier with the YT recommendation, but I think we all know it can be done better; hence the copper bar suggestion.
  • Post in thread: I have fried 2 charge controllers! Please help!!

    This could work if you arranged your batteries in a 48V configuration. Your inverter will have to be able to work with 48V though. If you're looking to keep the 24V configuration, you will have to find a different CC to take full advantage of your panels. @A.Justice If you look carefully...
  • Post in thread: How to lower amps and raise volts from parallel pv arrays to cope with shade? I'm confused.

    Supervstech was speaking to the power tolerance of the charge controller. Each charge controller has a maximum input regarding voltage, current, and power. It's likely that a CC maxed out on current and low on voltage will be over the power limit. Checking the spec sheet will give the...
  • Post in thread: RV Air Conditioner tripping inverter after start

    Hello, I looked up the specs on your UP3000-M3322. When the output is set to 230V, the allowable fluctuations are -10% to +5%. That corresponds to 207V - 242V. That's pretty much what you described seeing. As the inverter air conditioner compressor is unique to other compressors in that it is...
  • Post in thread: Create my own bus bar

    It's probably better missed anyway ?
  • Post in thread: How to extend existing system?

    Why not just dedicate the new addition solely to the 12V devices? Take them off of the AGM completely.
  • Post in thread: Hi, can you put parallel strings in parallel?

    If all of the negatives (and, subsequently your possitives) of your set of three panels are attached together, then these are in parallel. If both sets of three panels are connected such that all of the negatives are attached through the 2x1 combiner, then you have effectively connected 6 panels...
  • Post in thread: Adding mismatched panels?

    Yes, this device is appropriate for your proposed panel configuration. Please be careful. That is a lot of voltage for a DIYer to handle. It is advised that you not make any connections (or disconnections) while the panels are generating power.
  • Post in thread: solar panels under powerline?

    I'm not sure the electric fields would do much to the panels. The connecting wires may get some interference, but probably no much unless you put them very physically close to the power lines. Power lines are usually very high up. You can detect the field, but it shouldn't be strong enough to...
  • Post in thread: Adding mismatched panels?

    This is the data sheet for your device. You should become familiar with it.
  • Post in thread: will this setup work?

    It's curious why you are worried about frying your system with such obvious components. Are you comfortable working with electronics like these? And do you have the skills to do so? 120V is a hefty voltage to be working with, especially if you don't know what you're doing. Personal safety must...
  • Post in thread: Is this solar charge controller big enough?

    To clarify, the MPPT solar charge controller has an input voltage, input current, output voltage, and output current. With a 4S2P configuration, you take better advantage of the input voltage which also reduces the input current. This model has an output voltage of 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V...
  • Post in thread: Battery build 48V 16s LF280K.

    Cool. I recommend not charging to 3.6V for swollen/used cells. Charge to 3.5V. Have you considered an active balancer? It would probably help overcome the runners that are common in used and...
  • Post in thread: I have fried 2 charge controllers! Please help!!

    You're looking for a CC that can handle at least 2kW. If you connect in a 5p2s, the current parameters can be 30A or greater. If 10p1s, you'll need a 60A or better.
  • Post in thread: I am always fantasizing about having a energy efficient air conditioner for van life, anyone seen any concepts in tech news or anything?

    All good points. Also, try to limit heat producing activities inside. Cooking should be done outdoors when possible.
  • Post in thread: Is working with 60V+ for beginners?

    I agree. Proper education before hand will be most appropriate, along with proper PPE and LOTO practices. It probably doesn't describe many of the people here asking about hooking up 10 panels in series. Glad you survived. That's pretty incredible.
  • Post in thread: Question about inverter for small air conditioner

    The general rule of thumb, I've heard, is to multiply the operating current by a factor of 6 to achieve the inrush current.
  • Post in thread: Running time on inverter seems way too short - testing

    I'm not sure what panels you would be ordering, but it's a folly to let your emotions dictate your purchases. If the total cost of the panels plus shipping is in your budget, you would be best to get them. Every month you don't have them is money paid to the electric company. How many months...
  • Post in thread: Two Inverter tied together

    From the website I mentioned above, it looks like the max input voltage is only 115V. I don't typically rely on web pages for specifics, so please contact the manufacturer or get a datasheet you can read to confirm that information. Based on your questions, it's probably best if you didn't...
  • Post in thread: No load showing

    Agreed. There are 6 terminals on the solar charge controller. The two on the right most side as you look at it (maybe has a picture of a light bulb) are for an auxiliary load. I wouldn't use those terminals for much more than a light. You can toggle the output to those terminals on and off...
  • Post in thread: Do I need a pre-charge resistor for a 300 watt inverter?

    I've caught one of these on fire once. In my beginning years, I forgot to take the power rating into account. I think I sent a very momentary 1kW through the 1/4W resistor. Lesson learned and not forgotten. Hopefully OP won't make that mistake ?
  • Post in thread: Outbuilding system configuration & component questions:

    Renogy RNG-100D-SSX2-US 100W panels (Qty:2) - $200 (& free shipping) Epever 2210AN MPPT SCC - $80 WZRELB 24V 800W (RBP80024B1) pure sine wave inverter - $95 EverStart lead acid marine & rv deep cycle battery, group size 29DC (12V/845 MCA) - (Qty:2) - $180 (+state core charge) Total price for...
  • Post in thread: What to do with extra panels

    Looks like there's an Eg4 6500 in OPs original setup.
  • Post in thread: Is this solar charge controller big enough?

    Explanation: You have 1600W of power coming from your panels. The charge controller will try to use all of it (except yours will only use 1450W at 12V, but disregard that detail for this explanation). If the charge controller uses 1600W of power to charge your 14.4V battery, it will need to...
  • Post in thread: How to extend existing system?

    That was a great thought! Glad you expanded it for me ?
  • Post in thread: Create my own bus bar

    That's an odd reason to go with brass connections. From a mechanical view, your point may be valid. However, since the end goal is for the facilitation of electrical current, I would warn against using brass as the conductivity is poor. Sourcing materials shouldn't be a problem with the...
  • Post in thread: How much current is okay 24v 280ah lifepo4

    Good point about the load being distributed across both banks. However, there will still be the full load applied to the output of the batteries, to include fuse(s), wires, equipment (like the inverter), etc. We are in agreement that to purchase such a stove warrants a larger system than what...