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  • Setting up my new Solis S5 hybrid

    Hello Friends, I've finally got the FV in place. Specs are: x17 Longi Solar 415Wp x1 Solis S5-EH1P3.6 K-L hybrid x3 Pylontech US3000 As I'm starting to get the hang of how it works so a number of big and small issues are flocking. Let's go in order: 1. Whenever I disconnect/shut down grid...
  • Interfacing Lead Acid batteries with inverter

    Hello Friends, is there any device to pair simple lead acid battery to modern inverters? I have a Solis S5-EH1P6K-L. The vendor told me lead acid work fine but I won't be able to see the charge level on screen. @peufeu do you know anything about it? Thank you everyone!
  • Project to power house + cold room

    Hello everyone, here is my project. Location: Oriental Sicily - attic with 80 m² empty terrace on top fully exposed Annual consumption: 3500 KW Type: stand-alone (not completely off-grid) implant. Important: about 70% of domestic usage takes place in the evening - normally nobody stays in the...