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    Growatt 24v 3000 Optimizing. Please Help.

    Aloha, I live in Mountainview on the Big Island. I am currently running a growatt 24v 3000k with two 24v 100ah ampere batteries for a small24x24 studio house. I run a 3500 predator to charge the batteries with no problems. I only have three older dirty 185watt panels in series which even on a...
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    Will generator work with Growatt?

    My generator charges my 2 lithium 24v 100ah ampere batteries through my 24v 3000k growatt. I have a 3500 predator from harbor freight. Just gotta remember to change the oil often if your running it a lot like i do. Hope this helps.
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    Will generator work with Growatt?

    Does anyone know if the Predator invertor generator 3500w will work to directly plug into the Growatt 3000w 24v model? Or is it better to have separate battery charger? Thanks in advance.