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  • Can DC MCB Input cables be inserted from bottom?

    Hi, I have 125A DC breaker from 2 x 48v 15S 100Ah LifePO4 to Growatt SPF5000ES. Since i have installation from bottom, can i insert input cables from bottom? Thank you, James.
  • Solar Panel Vmp vs Imp?

    Hi there, When buying solar panel, should i consider Vmp and Imp? Currently looking at 2 different brands of 550Wp Solar Panel, 1. Longi 550Wp STC Vmp 41.95V, Imp 13.12A 2. Trina Vertex 550Wp STC Vmp 31.6V, Imp 17.40A Going to install 4 units looking at 2200Wp Please advise, Thank you, James.
  • SPF5000ES

    Hi guys, I need a little bit of help here on designing my coming solar system with Growatt SPF5000ES 220V(Asia). Im planning to get first string in series 4 x 450watt solar panel, Vmp 41.40v, Imp 10.87A each, I get Vmp approx. 165.6V to get my Growatt working. Btw, i know this is still far...