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    JBD / Overkill BMS Monitoring

    I have been using my Thornwave shunt for almost 2 years. Great hardware and software.

    Instant messaging (whatsapp/telegram/etc) rant. Am I alone in this one?

    Perhaps. Deleting messages has a positive aspect also. I suggest not fixating on the things you don't like and emphasizing the things you do. You will be a much happier person. There are many things in life you have no control over.

    Ford Maverick: PHEV < $20k MSRP

    Did you ever drive a Hoda Element? Horrible ride quality and the manual shifter felt like stirring oatmeal. I like Honda products but the Element was a miss.

    Ford Maverick: PHEV < $20k MSRP

    CVT, front wheel drive and micro-bed.what is this for?

    Overkill BMS defaults?

    You really need to set the parameters before use. Once set you can probably get away with not using the app. Can you borrow a phone or ask someone else to set up the bms for you?

    FIRE! Battery Hookup SHIPMENT CAUGHT FIRE! Huh Huh FIRE!

    If the battery shorted it could set the packaging on fire even if the cells don't burn.

    More DALY smart BMS issues

    It worked perfectly...for about 5 minutes. Then was dead and couldn't be woken up. The Daly and Overkill are very different. The connections are the same though.

    More DALY smart BMS issues

    I had a different issue with a Daly BMS. It worked for about 5 minutes and quit. Will inferred I did something wrong but the Daly build was not my first build. I replaced the Daly with an Onerkill BMS and haven't had a problem since.

    272ah Lithium Cells x 16

    What is your maximum expected amp draw? It will determine which/how many BMSes you can use.
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    Dad Jokes (let's hear your worst! ;-)

    What rock group has four men that don't sing? Mt. Rushmore
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    Short Circuited my 48V 120Ah Build (I'm fine)

    Glad the max theoretical draw on my 24v system is only 86a and have a 100 amp fuse. Most of the time the draw is much less. Those photos are scary.
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    Short Circuited my 48V 120Ah Build (I'm fine)

    Thank you for sharing. It is a good reminder to everyone here what the potential is for the amount of energy we are working with. It also shows that even if you are being careful bad things can happen. Definitely a "code brown" event. Glad all the carnage was of the non-human variety.
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    Ebike battery

    What is the max draw of the ebike motor? Can the Panasonic battery safely provide that much current? Can the 5.5mm connector safely pass that much current? I would stay away from the inverter route. Too much loss from conversion to and from AC. If it were me, I would add a switch so I could...
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    Share Your "Real World" Solar Generator Stories

    Add thermal mass to your refrigerator/ freezer before a storm. Lots of cold water jugs in the refrigerator and frozen jugs of water in the freezer will keep things colder longer. Also, you will have more backup potable water.
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    E-Bikes / E-Motorcycles from Sondors

    To all those go-fast riders posting, glad you are still around. I think I will stay with cruisers. Might have to give them up sometime in the not too distant future. Doctors have already got me to quit off road vehicles and scuba diving. ☹️