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    Can lithium battery pack be this cheap.

    can't trust this ! The market prices for similar products is higher ! Shop just started dec 2021! Very high risk !
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    Growatt SPF 5000ES Alibaba suppliers

    This is the result of my reseach last 3 weeks : i was in contact with "Kingsley Lin" from but i have not yet purchased since i still have time for my solar project.The quotation was 715usd DDP to Germany wifi included...
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    Growatt SPF 5000ES Alibaba suppliers

    this is the postale adresse : see your PM
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    Growatt SPF 5000ES Alibaba suppliers

    for the same price DDP to germany for 715usd ? if yes ok , if not sorry !
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    No more Inverter needed in future ?

    just found this interesting and wanted to share .
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    Felicity Solar batteries

    any news ? I m in contact with felicity solar for the new 8,7Kw powerwall for 1502usd. Has someone used it or have any advice ?
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    Growatt SPF 5000ES Alibaba suppliers

    I received last days some emails from different companies in Alibaba saying that they have a big stock of this Growatt SPF 5000 ES . The cheapest was 715usd DDP to germany. some were at 850 usd DDP to Germany but have no expreience yet SO if someone can give any advice thanks in advance
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    Growatt SPH5000 'Set Parameter Failure'

    i didn't know that the inverter needs to connect to a server in order to work !
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    Growatt SPF 5000ES or new Easun SV IV 5.6Kw ?

    I heard lot of "positive " feedbacks with certains limititations about growatt 5000 ES but can't anything about the Easun what is the price for growatt including shipping and taxes to Romania ?
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    Big QTY of Growatt SPf 5000ES and 3500ES Sell

    for the beginning only 1 with wifi
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    Big QTY of Growatt SPf 5000ES and 3500ES Sell

    is it available in Europe to and for wich price DDP ?
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    Reputable LiFePo4 sellers

    i m thinking fo buying the Meritsun powerwall 10kw or 15kw did you buy it directly form meritsun in alibaba ?
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    Buying Meritsun Powerrwall

    i m still hesitating between Rosen, felicitysolar and Meritsun any feedback on your choice for Meritsun ?
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    Growatt SPF6000 with Meritsun Powerwall

    can you please share with us some info about the Meritsun powerwall KW? price? and link to the shop ?and how satisfied until now ? Thanks in advance
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    AliExpress/AliBaba vendor options

    any news on this ?