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    Lossigy LiFePo 12V 200Ah battery test.

    Got a Lossigy LiFePo 12V 200Ah battery from Amazon recently. I've charged it to the manufacturer's recommended 14.6V and ran a capacity test. I used a DL24 smart load and ran a Constant Current test at 12A. With such a low load, I've got around 206 Ah. So far, everything looks good. I will...
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    Ammeters and diodes

    Substracting? What substracting? If you wish to use Demestres ammeters you can keep shunt connection as is but just put some addition al circuitry on low voltage part of it. Something based on Op-Amp or MCU to read voltage and rectify/convert it to be acceptable by ammeter head. You can even...
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    Ammeters and diodes

    I'd just use ammeter like this
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    Is 2P 1S panel setup possible? w/o causing issue?

    Actually maximum allowed amps depends on insulation temperature rating. For 12 AWG wire 20Amp limit is for 65C rated insulation. If you have a 90C rated wire insulation you can use 12AWG for up 30Amp About power...
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    Looks like you need not a BMS but just a battery equalizer. Something like this one -
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    Containing a battery pack meltdown.

    It's very hard to be killed by 120V AC if your skin is dry. I was many time zapped by 220V and couple times I was stupid enough to accidentally touch one 220V wire by one hand and another wire by another hand. Still alive :)
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    LiFePo batteries have much longer lifespan (3000-5000 charge/discharge cycles vs ~500), so it definitely has an economic sense.
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    Please help me learn why this happened so I don’t do it again!!

    Yes, if switch is fully open or fully close. But when you do switching - high voltage will cause an electric arch. Higher voltage - longer arc(in time and distance). An electric arch is generating high frequency RF emission and current pulsations. Inductors and capacitors inside of MPPT may...
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    Containing a battery pack meltdown.

    Exploded cell will leak enough electrolytes to make distilled water conductive.
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    Looks OK. In general a 100Ah LiFePo battery is a OK replacement for 200Ah deep-cycle lead-acid.
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    I just destroyed $500 worth of batteries by doing nothing.

    They are completely OK for this below 3Amp current.
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    Containing a battery pack meltdown.

    15Kwh will heat up and completely boil out around 21 liters of water.
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    WANTED! Internal resistance tester.

    It's not exactly true. You can use a YR1035 to test battery of any capacity. However it can measure internal resistance as low as 0.30--0.50 milliohms or higher. A high capacity cells may have a very low internal resistance, and it can be out of YR1035 range. Typical 100AHr LiFePo cell has...
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    Solar voltage lower when connect; theft or hidden conversion?

    Solar panel gives you maximum voltage at zero Amps and maximum current (Amps) at zero volts. In both cases you have a zero Watts. An MPPT charger is trying to squeeze maximum Watts by choosing the best Volts/Amps ratio.
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    Battery charger for lifepo batteries before series wiring.

    IF slow charging (8 Amp) is OK for you I can recommend an ISDT nano Q6 It support a lots of chemistries including LifePo4. But you need an external DC 16-30V power supply and couple of XT-60 female connectors to wire a power supply and battery...