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    Review of my purchase from Shenzen Luyuan Technology Co. LTD. Alibaba, Wan Amy,

    yeah i heard from her a couple of days ago, i wouldn't worry about Amy Wan, has a history of providing Grade A new cells Bluedog225 post, sounds like he was dealing with Amy Zhang from different company.
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    Van Life - Sleeping Above / Near Batteries Inverter etc

    LiFePo4 is safe enough for RV use, we have been running a 240ah pack under our bed for 3 years, it is fused on the stud and is enclosed with ventilation ports to reduce heat. I'm am upgrading our system to 608ah as soon as the new cells arrive and have not issues with using the previous pack...
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    Flexible busbars from AliExpress

    Kuranaga, while it may be not as flexible as braided strap, it has a lot of flex, i can pull a fair bit of flex just with my fingers. If a battery pack needs more flex than 1-3mm per cell, then there is something really wrong with the pack design.
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    Flexible busbars from AliExpress

    They are quite decent in regards to quality, I brought some for my eve 304ah battery packs as they are for mobile use. i Believe weber tech will customise them, but not sure on the quantity required for that to happen
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    ODD issue with EVE280ah cell with JBD BMS

    I can't say i have noticed them drift at all, I normally use my multimeter to double check at the start and then after 15 minutes and during the process The EBC unit i run through my laptop, so i can keep an eye on them remotely if needed and it records the voltage. +/-.02 volts i could...
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    ODD issue with EVE280ah cell with JBD BMS

    So far i haven't had any issues with my 10amp 30 volt wantek dc variable unit, or my EBC-A20 unit. but i guess its like any electrical unit out there, it can happen. i just feel its safer parallel charging for top balance than in series, only because they should be charging at the voltage i...
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    ODD issue with EVE280ah cell with JBD BMS

    i get that 55.2 volt is per cell in series, but if a cell is already high, it's not going to balance as safely as in parallel. But i do agree there are time benefits, when it comes to larger cells, my next set of Eve 304ah will take a while, but i allowed time for that, and my current pack is...
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    ODD issue with EVE280ah cell with JBD BMS

    bit confused on why you would charge as at 55.2v to top balance as a series without a bms. Wouldn't it be better to just parallel them and charge to 3.45, then 3.65v with the power supply, a lot simpler and you don't have the issue with a cell peaking over the supplied voltage, as you can in a...
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    DIY BYD Blade Battery Pack 7.066 kWh for $1,220 ??

    I was looking at these last week, they have to be used or reject cells, as getting hands on BYD blade cells is almost impossible. I would imagine that we will see new BYD cells in 18 months, as i believe they are building another 3 cell manufacturing plants at the moment. For a static battery...
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    Victron Lithium "Smart" Battery (BMS Sold Separately)

    We have had different versions of victron lithium batteries in Aus since 2016, if I recall correctly, as I was fitting out a camper at that time. they now have their smart range, which doesn’t seem too smart. the pricing is just silly, they haven’t really moved much in price since they were...
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    I see the issue now, the risk of an accidental impact must be low, but never less its a concern. I have been looking at getting 3D printer for a while, i like the Prusa i3 M3+, but the reality is that i can't see myself using it much, i have an industrial woodworking workshop that doesn't need...
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    could you look at these as a option for your terminals, along with some silicone cabling
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    I wish i had your skills an d a 3D printer, this is the best looking DIY case i've seen. Im a cabinetmaker by trade and can appreciate good design, this is just pure class
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    LiFePO4 Capacity vs Temperature

    I would say that the temperature makes a huge different for testing, there are a heap of data out there that shows the battery capacity at different temps. Cold temp does decrease the capacity in Lithium,
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    Laser welded studs of screw in?

    It would be great to see better connection points, the drilled and taps studs can be an issue, aluminium treads are risky at the best of times. The welded on EVE studs, leave little contact area, but for my case, it was acceptable as i'm not drawing a lot of current The twin threaded cells...