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    2424lv-pip intermediately shuts off for a few sections then back on.

    "Has anyone experienced their MTTP 2424Lv-PIP controller/inverter turning off for around 30 to 60 seconds then auto restart while the outside air temps are in the ’90s (95 to 100 degrees)?" Which section of the unit auto restart? The charger section or the inverter section.
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    ideal diode in parallel with multiple battery

    You should show us your wiring diagram on how you plan to do it. Spec and info of the 'Ideal Diode'? Also think as to what will happen if one, or two , or three of the batteries drop out, that means the other two batteries will have to handle the load current, which in that case the wires have...
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    Wrong reading with battery monitor?

    Can you show us your setup and more details of your system?
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    Top Balancing woes.

    What are the Voltage drops on each wire?
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    Current changes at 48V

    Yes the battery charging current will drop to half (1900W/48V = about 40A). I do not see why you have to change anything on the input side of the SCC, since the SCC is getting 40.1VOC x 3 (3 panels in series and the the two strings are connected in parallel, 3S2P configuration) = 120VDC (will be...
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    Energizing earth

    How is your system connected to the earth ground rod? I cannot tell in the pictures if the Neutral is bonded to the Ground or not. Can you show your wiring diagram?
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    eBay Renogy

    Good choice, I do not believe the seller knows if the battery is brand new or not, or if it is good working condition.
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    Emergency generator inverter

    If it is Power jack, it should be derated down to about 1/2 ~ 1/3. There are many YouTube video on PowerJack test results. There is a guy on YouTube that work with the company to have Powerjack make the inverter for them with true spec, I think it is Gentry something, I do not remember.
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    Ideal diode used as relay?

    Why need to be repeated, I already say it is a false claim on the rating of the module.
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    Fuse between power converter and battery?

    If the branch wires from the main Battery fuse are smaller wire, meaning not to handle 200A or what ever the battery fuse is, then you should install the fuse rated for that small wire to protect the wire from catching on fire.
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    Emergency generator inverter

    Also info on that split phase 1500W inverter? Since it is 1500W split phase, you will only get 750W on each phase, but I doubt that it can do continuous rating. Is it PowerJack inverter?
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    Please help me ! Getting no charge please help

    He should get the same result testing at cable ends since one end of the panel cables are connected to the diode, just think of the panel cables as the extension of the meter cables so he should see the same result when he put meter cables at the MC4 Male and Female end of panel cables. Right...
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    What is really going on with cells from China

    I am Asian, I just laugh it off at 'Egg Roll' joke, so apology accepted. I heard worst and treated worst than that within the 50 years of living in the Bay Area so far.
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    Please help me ! Getting no charge please help

    it means you have open circuit in the wiring some where. Edit: mean to say high resistance in the wire or connection.
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    Please help me ! Getting no charge please help

    +1, also do the same on the other cable between the Anode of the diode and the far end of the cable.