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    Canadian Import fees ?

    I bought from shensen basen, the link in the big thread on them. Aimee was great to deal with. And mine came with studs and nuts, not bolts so surprise bonus there.
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    Canadian Import fees ?

    Mine just got here today, no fees.
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    Lishen cells made it from China in 6 weeks!! Matched within .001 volts of each other!! Time to let them warm up, top balance, build and test. Will post results when done!
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    System Review

    My invertor is stand alone for very rare occasions where I need to power a small pump to refill our trailer. Pump is rated at 1/3hp so the draw is pretty low. I have bought the re-setable dc breakers also.
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    System Review

    Hey folks, This is the system I am going to be installing in my rv. Just looking to get some feedback on if I have everything correct or if there is any other safety measures I should include. I have the wire sized already.
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    New Supplier for 280Ah cells: Shenzen Basen

    For the Canadians, just ordered from basen and shipping to Canada was identical cost as going to US. First time I've seen that in many requests. Should be here in February sometime.
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    Daly/Smart BMS app password

    Did she give you a link for the new one? I know everyone keeps saying overkill unit, but it's lack of mounting ability and lots of open busing aren't really up my alley.
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    Quick question

    Hey guys n gals! Placing my order from Basen for the lishen cells. I need a bms also. They have what the dalyhe bt module. Looking to be able to set the parameters and all with the phone. Anyone have feedback on this
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    New Batteries

    Would love to see a tear down on these. They already have 5 star reviews showing up on amazon. I tried looking for Batts for DIY but shipping to canada makes it more expensive than a battle born and I still have to build it.
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    New Batteries

    Thanks so much for the info!!
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    New Batteries

    So going through batteries at amazon and I cam across these units, Has anyone used these? I like that fact that I can get a 200ah battery in one unit. TIA