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    Fuse holder nut was glowing RED!

    It was brand new out of the box so no cleaning was done. Now that the nut is torqued properly, everything stays cool.
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    Inverter ground wire size

    I can understand a safety ground for anything with PV voltages. Those can get pretty high with high amps. But anything running 12V doesn't need a case ground for electrical shock safety. IMHO. And never saw a code that requires case ground for a strictly 12V gadget. But I am not an...
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    Multiplus wire size

    Yup, you need 4/0 from the battery to the bus. And a 400A type T fuse. Here's what mine looks like: This is connected to a Multiplus II 12/3000 on the other side of the right wall.
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    Multiplus wire size

    Yes. I think. Depends. What size Multiplus?
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    Inverter ground wire size

    The chassis ground on an inverter is for the AC side. Nothing in my camper that is DC only has a dedicated chassis ground. That’s why I think the chassis ground for my inverter should be the same size as the AC feeding it.
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    Solving problems, optimizing solutions

    A group 27 dual purpose battery will hold a whopping 80Ah of power at full charge. Usable will be more like 40Ah if you got to 50% depth of discharge (DOD). You may be able to get away with 80% DOD, so 64Ah of usable power. That isn't much. So starting with charging is probably going to end...
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    Inverter ground wire size

    I have asked about the chassis ground wire from an inverter on several fora. There isn't a clear answer other than to go with what the manual says. Great. My Xantrex manual said 2 things: 1. 8 ga conductor 2. No smaller than one size smaller than the main DC wires, which would be 1/0 in my...
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    Small AC breaker box for a mobile application

    Maybe Blue Sea Systems has a panel that will work for you. I bought one from them and it worked very well. Blue Sea Systems AC panels
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    Single Outlet Circuit Breaker

    Then why is every RV made wired with Romex for AC?
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    Inverter ground wire size

    It was on page 16 of the manual you linked.
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    Battery needed for 1200 watt inverter

    I have pulled 143A from a single SOK battery (286 from a pair). So have others. To be safe, I would stick to 1,200W. That would be about 115A continuous @ 85% efficiency. You pick the Ah you need for your power needs.
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    Inverter ground wire size

    This seems pretty clear from your manual:
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    What is normal behavior for an inverter charger?

    Victron shunt charged voltage should be 13.6V
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    What is normal behavior for an inverter charger?

    This is it. If the SCC sees 13.6V at the battery, it won't charge anything. That is 100% SOC for most SCC Li charge profiles. Also, if your shunt is showing 86% SOC @ 13.6V, it is not synced properly. My shunt is out of sync right now and it always shows 100%. I haven't been to 100% SOC...
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    Just finished install of MultiPlus II, what a great box

    Finished cleaning up my install. I ended up removing everything including the batteries and painting the whole compartment with high temp paint. I also added Lynn wool behind the components. Should be all set until I decide to change something else.