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    Electric water heater: Any insight/experience?

    I have the Bosch ES4 (a little larger) for a booster hot water heater in my house and connected to a sink. We use it 8-10 times a day for hand washing and quick rinsing off. Similar to what glentaylor said, ours uses about 1.2-1.3kWh per day, and probably spikes up to ~1400W when heating, but it...
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    BMS-ANT 16S 100amp won't connect to Bluetooth app

    I haven’t heard of needing a GPS unit for this. I have a few of these BMSes that decide to turn off bluetooth at random, but the BMS itself still works. To reactivate bluetooth, I’ve used the two wire connection (see photo) and touch them to a battery 3-4v (a single cell Li-Ion works great)...
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    How do Tigo optimizers work?

    I bought a few dozen of the Tigo Optimizers since they weren't that much more than the Tigo Rapid Shutdown units, and in California you're required to have a rapid shutdown system for all roof solar installs. I did hook up a string of panels with the optimizers installed in a temporary setup...