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    Building a solar powered way to sort/wash tons of rocks & gems

    Great project, any photos of the washed gems (rocks)?
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    Ordered 8 EVE "new" 280Ah cells from Shenzhen Luyuan

    Ray, I found your youtube channel and was so happy to have found it. Love the approach you use in your quest for relevance. Thank you so much! I'll be watching all of your content. Kind Regards, Steve
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    Midnite Solar?

    Yes! I will come down there and join in the fun! I am glad that at least that insulation matched the carpet color! Laughter definitely has some redemptive qualities! Kind Regards, Steve
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    Solar Tug Boat goes 20 miles

    As my daughter used to say when she was 6 years old, "cool-well-la!"
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    Newbie here..Mini Agrophotovoltaics

    Nice, what is that orange What is the model # of the orange unit? Could not locate it on their site. Thanks, Steve
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    Newbie here..Mini Agrophotovoltaics

    Dean, Nice, simple, and clean install, thanks for sharing! I would do the same here, but the detrimental affects of the wind and rain are substantial here in Northwest Washington, so I would have to beef that up some. But I love the simplicity of your arrangement. Did you buy a Rich Solar kit...
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    Battery Suppliers with stateside warehouses/supply?

    These folks have both cells, and all in one batteries, and a good, solid reputation, Current Connected go here: Great communication skills, and customer service. Not affiliated in any way, I am just a satisfied customer. Kind Regards, Steve
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    JBD BMS USA Inventory - Is there Community Interest?

    Current Connected has 2 great videos on that charger, covering charger setup for beginners, the other video is charging 2 batteries in parallel, in preparation for other setups. Great stuff, from a customer oriented company. I purchased my Aims 12/24 charger from them, they sent it out...
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    SOK customer service

    Email = fast reply. Sales point is in the US. Return US. They supply the shipping and the label back. Min is the contact person. They have been exceptional. Best dealer IMHO? The folks at Current Connected can be contacted by phone, email, and messaging from within their website, here is their...
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    Where can I purchase a fat piece of wire with ring terminals on it?

    Hex crimp video, at the end they compare the hex crimp to a professional crimp on large wire.
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    Midnite Solar?

    Thanks JoeHam, that is the info that was needed and right under my nose!
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    Midnite Solar?

    Folks, Midnite Solar is only 20 minutes or so from me. I don't hear much about their offerings on this forum. Is their stuff outdated? Expensive? Or? I see they have DIY MNMPPT60DIY DIY Charge Controller. Has anyone installed this unit with success? Thank you kindly, Steve
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    Alternative to expensive clamp meter to check amps when charging

    Hi Folks, Is there a less expensive way to check amps accurately and adjust amperage output while charging with an Aims 12/254 ac/dc charger, other then an expensive clamp meter? Thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Steve
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    CurrentConnected | AIMS Converter Charger | IN STOCK

    Just a kindly suggestion for you folks. Make a clear/concise video on how to use it with LiFePo4 Batteries singly, in series, in parallel, different amps and/or voltages. Not really much out there on this that is concise/clear/digestible. I think you would increase sales, and also your...