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    Victron Quattro Inverter/Charger 24/5000/120 - $2600 OBO - BRAND NEW NEVER USED - Also available for trade

    $2600. New in the box. Never used. I've just decided to go with 2 Multiplus inverters in parallel instead. These sell for $2,900 + tax (~$200) + $250 for shipping. Will sell for $2,600 OBO and would be willing to meet in NC, SC or VA to save shipping. Otherwise, will ship at cost. Thx. John
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    Victron 250/60 SCC settings for my battery setup

    Hi all. I am seeking a resource to determine the proper settings for my Victron smart 250/60 SCC. I have 2 8s 280ah battery banks connected in parallel, so 24v 560ah total. I purchased them from a third party so I don't know how to yell who made them. Thinking CATL but not sure. Attached are...
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    Transfer Switch wiring size question

    Hi everyone. Any pointers when installing a 3 way manual transfer switch as part of my solar setup for our 50A RV what guage wire I should be using on the switch. 10AWG works well but 6AWG does not. Thoughts? Thx!!
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    NO LONGER AVAILABLE: Brand New Top Balanced 280ah cells for sale

    Good idea. I may post there too. Thx.
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    8 x 280ah LIFEPO4 wanted

    I have 8 for sale. See my post from tonight, with photo.
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    Looking for lifepo4 cells (60-120ah), maybe in NC?

    I'm in Charlotte. I have 8 280ah cells for sale for $1000. DM me if interested. Just posted in this forum.
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    NO LONGER AVAILABLE: Brand New Top Balanced 280ah cells for sale

    I have 8 brand new 280ah cells for sale for $1000. I top balanced them and had planned on using but now have a family member in need. I'll sell 4 for $500 as well. I'd sell this complete battery pack of 8, with Overkill Solar 8s BMS, for $1250. I'm in NC so if anyone is interested, DM me. Thx.
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    Want to buy 280ah 4 cell pack

    I have 8 280ah cells but could sell you 4. Brand new. Only top balanced. Where are you located?
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    Wire size for parallel between 2 24v 280ah packs?

    Thanks for your advice.
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    8s2p 24v configuration question

    I have two 8s banks. Trying to decide whether to place them together in 2p and build one large compression box or build 2 smaller boxes and run 2/0 to parallel them together. Adv/Disadv to either of these choices? Thx.
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    280ah VariCore cell needed

    Thx for the advice all!
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    Single Eve 280ah cell

    Still available?