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    V2H status?

    Nice thread eveyone. Question for those doing the research or actually doing this: what EV do you have / plan to get? (And why). Thanks
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    Thermocouple interference

    +1 on the twisting the TC wires in order to reduce the antenna coupling efficiency. Been there done that. Worked for me years ago. YMMV. Ampere’s law is cool until when you dont need it :)
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    560ah 12v Battery with Clean, Modern Case

    Nice build and insights. Thanks for sharing
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    Best gas generator for a backup battery charging?

    Does anyone know how hard would it be to run this propane gen on natural gas?
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    Bluetti AC200Max Battery Expansion and Usage so far..

    Nice setup. I am on the same boat, backyard panel warrior with t=infinite ROI. Look into Jehu Garcia’s youtube channel. He has shown a few ways of building powerpacks for these units out of recycled batteries.
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    Bluetti AC200Max Battery Expansion and Usage so far..

    There’s your problem. Look into used panels from craigslist. Typically 25-30cent/watt
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    DOES ANYONE know of another used wholesaler of Solar Panels

    @ghostwriter66 who did u end up going with? Winter is coming
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    Downsides to LFP's? Sooo many questions and no bandwidth for videos.

    I dont think anyone mentioned this gotcha yet: With all that expansion/contraction you can put a lot of stress on the cell terminals (bad). People get creative to get around this with compression/braces, playing with tolerances, flexible bus bars, etc.
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    Run mini split off solar

    The answer is What you are asking for is physically impossibe. One panel cannot feed a large ac unit continuously. Start with the watts. One panel makes 400ish watts, on a good day. The ac unit needs a lot more just to start. You can pool up the energy in s battery, sure. But the can only...
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    Gamble on BatteryEvo or wait for Eg4/SOK?

    I am having a similar dilemma, but I have no experience with bb/be. sorry I cant be of much help I am curious, why do you not trust Amperetime. Dont trust their design or dont trust they’ll honor the warranty?
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    Solar panels in parallel or in series for Bluetti AC200P?

    Lots of misinformation in this thread, so I’ll try to help future noobs. I was here a few months ago asking similar questions, it’s time to give back. 1) what is overpanelling? When you have more total solar panel watts than what the charge controller can accept (700w). 701w wont blow it up...
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    how long should a 2,560wh last?

    there is a lot more detail needed to answer your question. But what you are asking is about charge/discharge efficiency. What are your devices? (Model# for charger, battery, cabling, fridge) What kind of measurement devices do you have? (Clamp meter, Multimeter, shunt, battery display, etc)...
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    Can I do this two?

    Dc dc converter helps for sure. In the ac200p you are limited to 12a. so more like 300w. Again, Not sure about the ac200max
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    Can I do this two?

    Not sure what you mean, but the ac200 units can be charged from pv and ac ports simultaneously. The problem is that at 12v you are not getting a ton of power into the unit, so it will take a while. I have a ac200p, pv maxes out at 12A, so roughly 140watts. Not sure what the number is for the...
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    Solar to Controller to Battery to ac200p? I have one on order. Just wanted to let OP know as this might save $$ over addtl MPPT+battery