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  • Hello, I have a question. I have 24 REC 400 Solar Panels and 24 Enphase IQ 8 Micro Inverters, and 2 Jakiper 5kw lipo batteries. What are switch would I use on this setup? Currently, I am just running the Rec 400/ and micro inverters without the batteries. I want to add my batteries for backup and run on them in the evenings.
    Hi I installed a Outback skybox today
    When i shut off the main power it went on battery but my enphase IQ7plus shut off for 5min than came back on line
    I thought they should modulate before they shut off
    I have the default grid profile set in the IQ7 + , called enphase for help they were no help
    Which grid profile did you load? I know there are many.
    I have the skybox too but i think the transfer time from grid to battery might be over 200ms so the IQ7 detected a grid down situation. If there are settings to adjust that to be longer than 200ms, that might fix it for you.
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