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    What are the other wiring routes for lower amp loads from a Lynx Distributor

    Yes, this is a right pain in the ass, especially for 48v. One option are DIN mounted DC breakers, such as the MNEPV breakers, available in each amp rating up to 63 amps. These can be linked with the comb style breaker bus bar "MNPV6-BREAKER-BB" (although when not used in the large Midnite...
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    34 ft Thor coach total redo AC/DC

    Take a look at the diagrams from explorist life, could be a useful starting point. Explorist life doesn't have a 48v version, though. What's the driver for that? He also is a batteryborn guy, but the server rack batteries should be a good...
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    Opinions wanted, 48v truck camper setup

    Yeah, those are great. For 48v I used DIN mounted midnite MNEPV breakers. Pretty much every amp rating. I did find two flipped after a bumpy ride, so while having a disconnect and a fuse together is cool, I wonder if din mounted breakers are top notch in bouncy vehicles.
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    Alarm to show if fridge circuit looses power?

    I have a travel trailer and I would like an alarm in my truck if my fridge loses 12v power while driving. I thought about running a cable from the last junction to the fridge, showing a light if all is good but an audible alarm on power loss would be better. So perhaps something with a small...
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    Opinions wanted, 48v truck camper setup

    Fuse Battery to busbar. Any shutoffs. Fuse between Busbar and mppts Fuse Busbar to inverter. You are right that the lower amperage part is the MPPTs. Usually 30 or 40 amps. Options are mbrf, midi, or there may be a littelfuse mega 58v someone linked recently. I had a 48v DC aircon as well...
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    Opinions wanted, 48v truck camper setup

    Three things to consider: Low amp fuses for 48v systems are hard to find (or not available). Remember that 48v systems usually run up to 58v actual. Might have to use midi rather than mega fuses. I ended up using Midnite DIN rail breakers, but they are bulkier than fuses and can trip from...
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    12v ah to 48v ah?

    Yeah, I missed that the OP was talking about 4 separate 300ah 12v batteries :)
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    12v ah to 48v ah?

    Think of this in watt hours, those translate across volts and amp hours. 12v 300ah = 12 x 300 = 3,600wh But 30 kwh is 30,000 watt hours. Just about 10 times more. Sure that's the number you need? Doesn't matter if you have those as 12v parallel or wired up with groups of 4 in series to make...
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    Converting DC to AC how much current does it actually require?

    Think of this in watts, not amps. The DC system is lower voltage (12/24/48), thus higher amps. The AC system is higher voltage (120/240) thus lower amps.
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    Question about solar for 48 volt battery bank

    Why would the 96 cell panels you linked not work with victron MPPT? They might be a bit big for OPs sailboat, but two of those in parallel seems feasible? Voc around 70v, could even work with the 100v max victron MPPTs (especially if low temps never encountered).
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    Question about solar for 48 volt battery bank

    Very unlikely to give you the needed voltage reliably. You’ll need something like 60v for reliable startup. You also need to adjust for the heat, Voc is lower in hot temps (and the temp that matters is the temp of the panel not the air). Use the victron MPPT calculator and enter the panel...
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    Hotspot Energy 48V DC air conditioners

    I did think about that, also diagonal, as we were figuring out the mounting. Not enough room on our tongue between the jack and the trailer. Also there are side fins on this model that are meant to have 6 inches on their side. We also had to raise ours to keep access to the weight distribution...
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    Hotspot Energy 48V DC air conditioners

    Sorry for such a long pause in replying. I was flatchat getting the camper ready for the trip :) I'm happy to report that I completed the installation of the Hotspot 48v minisplit and that it is working well. Ran it for over a month in the driveway and then used it on the road on a drive from...
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    Equal Length Battery Cables?

    In my case I have a set of 9" red/black and a set of 12" red/black. I have two 48v LFP server rack batteries wired in parallel. I used a black 9" and a red 12" to one battery, and a black 12" and a red 9" to the other. So that seemed to mean that I have equal length round trip (ie both round...
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    Advice on 24v vs 48v for expedition motorhome

    One other thing to consider is that the fuses and distribution for lower amps for 48v can be tricky. Eg Mega fuses for 48v are not available down below 100amp (although a recent thread found newly released littelfuse at 60amp for 48v). This can be a problem for space in an RV. The things...