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    MPP Solar LV6548 split phase supply side tap details

    Yes. Through a knife switch. It is one or the other. It is impossible for both at the same time.
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    MPP Solar LV6548 split phase supply side tap details

    I have my 2 LV6548 plugged into a NEMA 14-50 outlet. I have the outlet turned on at the loads panel. At the loads panel, I turn off the GRID "line"(main circuit breaker). I am thus isolated from the grid. My plan however is to run my system like this, as soon as I can convince an electrician...
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    MPP-SOLAR LV6548

    Yesterday I had a day where I fully charged the battery and saw the LV6548s "turn off" the panels. It happened again today. This time at 1:15 in the afternoon. Now I know the feeling of wasted energy. I could have had my car plugged in at that time, but it was charged enough also! I would...
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    NIPPLE slip

    A - Solder it in place. Probably will work perfectly fine. B - Find a professional welder. Probably the best option if you can find an experienced aluminum welder. My guess is that these were friction welded in the first place.
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    MPP LV6548

    No flir camera. The thermal gun has shown warm spots, but that is just the case, so not much value.
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    MPP LV6548

    I had a huge hassle on my LV5048's getting the 6 to fit, and removing some strands was the only way to make it go. But the LV5048 shown 10awg was all it needed. I had zero issues at all putting my 6 AWG into the 6548. I have some Wire Ferrules and a 60-ton crimper that might work to make the 4...
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    MPP LV6548

    I think I may have found a contributing factor for the shutdown. I am using 6 AWG AC wires. Max Current has shown to be 37 amps for 6 AWG. I am going to get get some 4 AWG right away. If 4.11 mm fits, I think 5.2mm will be able to get squished into the connector. pages 6 and 45 of the manual...
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    MPP LV6548

    Ummm, you have them both, go through each menu and have a look. 🤣 I got a reply from MPP-Solar support, they wanted the S/Ns and mentioned "NTC cables". I guess the NTC cable is the temp sensor.
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    MPP SOLAR LV6548 2021-10-13

    Product manual and Product Disassembly.
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    Does UL-1741 standard apply to off-grid inverters

    UL 1741 SA is the new safety test standard certifying products which meet the rigorous requirements needed to ensure safe and reliable operation in support of grid modernization efforts. Grid support or "smart inverter" functionality will be required by Hawaii and California beginning September...
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    MPP LV6548 AC Wiring Question

    Did you use 4 AWG for the A/C in-out? I have 6 AWG on mine, only because that is what I used on what I had prior. I want to do some cleaning up and just want to make sure the 4 AWG will actually fit.
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    40 foot long Iron Flow battery

    Their premise is wrong already. "$350 per kilowatt-hour." for lithium ion. I have a year old lithium-ion, made new, for $94 per kilowatt-hour. If this really is the case in "utility" scale applications at $350. I can see how much overhead there is, and how much money is flowing that is not...
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    MPP-SOLAR LV6548

    Actually... You can run ONE LV6548 in 120V configuration without any battery at all. I forgot that the LV6548 does have a "battery-less" operation function. Batteryless operation (single unit mode only)
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    MPP-SOLAR LV6548

    No, the battery has to be 48v configuration.