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    Can I use a solar generator to run a portable air conditioner

    Yes you can..... For my 5000 btu unit---- About 50 minutes on Bluetti EB55 About 2 hours on Oupes 1200w Unit About 5 Hours on Bluetti EB200
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    Received 'new' power station with zero% charge

    Hard to get LiFePO4 to ignite.
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    Sizing Bypass Diodes

    I bought several 22voc panels I want to wire 4 in series . Each panel has a 50v 10a bypass diode. Will I need to up these to a higher volatage to use the panels in a 4s configuration?
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    Anyone Have the Bluetti EB200?

    The EB240 which has a 2400wh nmc battery weighs only 48 lbs vs 62 lbs for the eb200. The first gen AC200s which has nmc cells also weighed under 50 lbs.
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    Received 'new' power station with zero% charge

    Lifepo4 is more robust at being deep cycled. I have LiFePO4 18650 based solar garden lights that go to 0 volts every night and are nearly 5 years old (over 1700 cycles) still working pretty well. Likely the power stations BMS also have a 10% buffer built into the BMS to have the unit go to deep...
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    Anyone Have the Bluetti EB200?

    When I messaged Bluetti my concern over this they said all variants of EB200 have LiFePO4 cells. It's weight suggest it's LiFePO4 as well.
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    How many power stations do you have?

    Wall of Bluetti ...and Oupes
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    Anyone Have the Bluetti EB200?

    probably supply chain issues like everything else in the world.
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    New Harbor Freight 100w Monocrystalline Panel

    I bought 2 of the Harbor Freight panels. They perform better than my 2 Amazon no name 100w panels. Im getting around 212 to 218 watts into my Bluetti EB200 with the pair wired in series. The no-name panels are only giving me 170-175 watts. They are slightly larger than my other 100 watt panels...
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    Klein Tools Power units and Bluetti EB200?

    Im not scared either. I have a small 12v home brew PV system running security lights and a few items around the yard. My career entails working on RF equipment that runs in the 1000s of volts and 1000s of watts RF. I can be the best electrician in the world, but if a component i installed has...
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    Klein Tools Power units and Bluetti EB200?

    If you fuck something up on your home brew build and burn down your house, will your homeowners policy still cover you.
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    Looking for a budget power station less than $250

    I searched after his post. Its not being sold by bluetti, so no go from me. You can get a renewed eb70 for 400, or a new EB70s for 450 from Bluetti with coupon code "welcome".
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    "Renewed" Bluetti units from MaxOak

    Good luck, I a happy with my renewed eb55 so I purchased a "new" unit. It arrived damaged, I've not been able to get any resolution so my CC company refunded the purchase.
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    Eco Flow Lack Of Lifepo4 Across All Power Stations

    cycles is only part of the equation for lithium cells. Calender aging is also faster on NMC. Even if you cycle your EcoFlow 1 time a year, NMC Cells degrade at nearly 5% capacity a year vs 2% for LFP.