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    Balance plug cable

    Anyone know if this 9 pin battery protection cable would work for the CellMeter 8 balancer?
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    Gonna order BMS. Need advice.

    Sorry for jumping but I'm in a similar situation with 8S (50Ah 1C) 24V. Just purchased 8 x Lifepo4 and 40A 100v imput MPPT charger. Will be running 24V from two 380W panels in series with (not yet purchased) 2000-3000W inverter. Does anyone have suggestions for a suitable BMS for this setup...
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    Researching options for new off-grid system

    Hey, thanks for the responses! I think I've got to add some things to clarify a bit. My country home is more of a cabin than a modern house. The items I'll be running off the solar power will not be standard home items, it will be more like some LED lights in the evening, charging phones or...
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    Researching options for new off-grid system

    Hey! After a few weeks of researching, I've just found this forum and I'm hoping you guys can help me with your experience. My plan is to take my country home off-grid. I'd like to have the capacity to power these items during longer days with full sun. Lighting Charging computers, phones...