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    Simpliphi Tear Down? Serviceable?

    I won't get to it until mid-May. I'm in Hawaii with my new Chinese rack batteries that are working well. I need to ship 2 more Phis to CO before I head back myself in April. I then need to capacity test each of them and possibly find a bad apple in the group. Capacity of the battery group...
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    Simpliphi Tear Down? Serviceable?

    I have some damaged (weakened capacity) Simpliphi 3.x 48v and wondering if anyone has done or heard of a tear down. Are they prismatic? Its a casualty of over charging and/or over draining them beyond c/2. As Will has said, they are not impressive and I can attest to that. Simpliphi is...
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    Newbie to solar water heating need advice.

    A few thoughts. You can staple pex down on the floor and poor self leveling over it and wala - your floor is the radiator and its not even 1.5" thick. 2. sun-earth makes a decent simple usable controller with two sensors. You can also put an inline timer (old fashioned dip switches on 10...