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  • I can think of a lot of reasons why voltage and distance and size matter.
    What I can't think of is an answer for you.

    Maybe a better question.

    What is it you want to build?
    Then what is your plan?

    Better qualified people than me might have suggestions of products.
    I'm new to this too.
    What's the advantages of series and parallel?
    Not easy to answer
    Real life example: My AIO inverter, Eg4 6500ex, requires a minimum of 90volts at the PV input for the MPPT charger to function. I have 2 455W panels are 50v each. If i was to wire them parallel, they would provide 50v and my MPPT charger wouldn't be able to function, so I wired them in series which brought the voltage to 100v and my MPPT charger can now charge my batteries.
    Parallel can be advantageous in a shady environments. If you wire 4 panels in series, they act as one panel, if one panel is shaded all 4 no longer produce power, if instead you wired 4 in parallel one can be shaded, but you still get power from the other 3.
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