diy solar

diy solar

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  • New Off Grid System - Tiny Trailer

    Hey folks! I'm about to start building a very small air conditioned box to camp in - think ugly square teardrop trailer. My woodworking skills are limited. My electrical skills are nonexistent. I am still early in the planning stages where solar is concerned. I'm grateful to have discovered...
  • Please help me order 280ah cells before they're gone!

    So I'm not actually ready, nor am I knowledgeable enough yet. Unfortunately, it sounds like I'm on a time crunch if I want to get in on the pricing that has been available lately. I want to put together a 16 cell 24v pack (2P8S?) and a separate 4 cell 12v pack. The 12v pack isn't essential...
  • Sanity check - Chevy Bolt 12v to DIY lithium bank

    End goal here is to power a (150w-600w) Midea 8k BTU inverter AC, cheap (25-100w) mini fridge, some lights, and some USB charging hubs in a small homebuilt trailer. Trailer will be used exclusively for short getaways - usually in campgrounds with flaky shore power, but occasionally in dry...
  • Boondocking capable tiny trailer battery backup system with air conditioning

    I have finally started working on a long postponed project: building a small, lightweight enclosed trailer to be able to camp in Florida with a fridge and an AC. While I expect to spend most of my time in locations with access to at least an extension cord, I'd like a battery system to get me...

diy solar

diy solar