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    Over-paneling Victron MPPT controllers.

    You might want to add something like: When overpaneling, since unused power from a panel raises the input voltage if you hit the maximum input power limit the panel voltage will start rising towards their VOC voltage. Or words to that effect.
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    SOL-ARK/DEYE Competitor - UL-Certified Megarevo 5KW-8KW 120/240V 48V Hybrid Energy Storage Inverter

    Whats the idle loss wattage? Idle loss is the single most at-a-glance determinor of if it's a quality product or not. If its more than 5% of its nominal output then this is no better than the current crop of Growatts/MPP/etc and their horrible idle loss numbers.
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    What Current Brand Do You Trust The Most? (Off-Grid)

    Honestly, if I'm in a trailer in the middle of nowhere I want absolutely deadnuts reliable and I'd rather go with a component approach and the brands that "just work, always" with "just can't kill it no matter what I do to it" reliability: Victron, Outback, Magnum, Midnite pretty much...
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    Unistrut maximum span distance

    Looks good! I would also add rear 45 degree bracing. The bending moment at the base of your poles in a wind gust will be a lot more than you think and pipe bends easier than you think.
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    Whats the difference between the 'N' vs 'K' 280AH cells from Amy?

    Thanks! Much appreciated. Of course now I'm looking at the new 304AHs too. A bit more capacity in the same space.....
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    Whats the difference between the 'N' vs 'K' 280AH cells from Amy?

    Havent been on the forum much lately, summer projects have taken precedence (~1850 yards of fill dirt to level out back yard, sprinkler system and fence) but I'm starting the research phase of adding on to my monster sized BYD bank and I noticed Amy has two types of cells and am wondering what...
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    Chargery BMS, DCC (Solid State Contactor) thread.

    Eventually it would, but at such a low draw it'd take years on my 64kwh bank to even be noticeable, the BMS draws more than the resistor. On a small bank like for a ebike it'd wouldnt be such a good idea though and it would indeed draw down a battery. I also found that the surge on my gigavac...
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    Anybody actually running their Chargery using the external power port connected to the pack via a diode?

    Its just a plug-->diode-->inductor-->diode-->twisted pair wire and then the same on the other leg with the diodes. The inductors are 330uH 3A toroidials and the diodes are 20A axial schottkey that I had laying around. I think I got both from Amazon. It does drop the output voltage about 2...
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    Anybody ever parallel 2 or more of the the Heltec 5A active balancers?

    FWIW I ended up going with the 10A supercapacitor balancer. Works awesome.
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    grouping multiple Solar Roof Tiles/Shingles per Tigo optimizer?

    I don't see any problem paralleling or serial connection groups of modules to a tigo optimizer - as long as you stay within the optimizers voltage and wattage limitations. You're much more likely to cook a optimizer if you overvolt it (rather sensitive to overvoltage conditions), if you overamp...
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    Stand Alone Solar Arc-fault protection devices.

    Midnite has a few shunt trip breakers, for example the MNEDC250RT, the only caveat is that they require 1 amp to trip, which is more than the PVAF can handle directly but a interposing SRR would handle that.
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    15AH LiitoKala 33140 LFP review and test results

    Max is 1C which'd be 15A, standard charge is .5C or 7.5A
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    EMP-proofing my system with tvs diodes design idea

    Without getting into specifics, I'm fairly rural and I have been a fairly hardcore disaster prepper since 2005. There isnt much I'm not prepared for. I've always simply assumed I'll be feeding the neighborhood (all 8 houses of it) even though half of them are preppers of various levels too...
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    My DIY 300A cell amp hour tester and cycler

    The BYDs were badly under expected capacity but worse than that the individual cells in the modules are horribly capacity mismatched and I had to figure out a way to even them up. Required a shitton of testing and cycling per module and then adding booster cells to the weak ones. Rinse and...
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    My DIY 300A cell amp hour tester and cycler

    It's sitting on a shelf somewhere, I'll see if I can find it. I ended up going in a completely different direction with used BYD modules - which turned out to be a huge mistake and almost a year of labor. I should have stuck with the 280AH cells. I think I might have been the first to get...