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  • Hi Michael,

    I would like a quote for 12 Qty. 280 AH or the 272 AH cells shipped to 83544. Do you sell the the BMS or just order from overkill? I noticed in Outmyth message "
    are you still making the battery box with BMS built-in, Anderson plugs, and voltage display? If so, pls quote the batter box with the following configurations separately to CA 95148:"
    This would be an awesome option perhaps.

    I am interested in 8-280ah raw LifePo4 cells shipped to 15301. Is there a warraty period?

    Thank you for all of this effort. I'm exploring DIY LiFePO4 battery bank for my RV to replace 2 banks of 4 T105 SLA batteries. My budget is limited and I'm still looking into BMS options.

    Can I get a Quote for both 8 and 16 280ah cells, shipped to Washington,IN 47501?
    What can I expect in shipping times? (I realize this would be a nonbinding range. Just trying to plan)
    Hi Michael,
    are you still making the battery box with BMS built-in, Anderson plugs, and voltage display? If so, pls quote the batter box with the following configurations separately to CA 95148:
    4S1P (12v 280ah EVE cells)
    8S1P (24V 280ah EVE cells)

    Thanks for your time!
    Hello Michael, Thanks for doing all this leg work for us. I really want to avoid having to go through what you have had to learn! If you're still putting together a group buy, I need 16 of the 280ah cells , with double busbars, delivered to 39402. Of course, looking for new cells and insured delivery(if possible). If we need to talk directly, let me know. Slow boat cheap shipping is ok. Thanks, Phil.
    Hey Michael, can these ship to Puerto Rico? All the quotes I've been getting seem to be 3x US prices in shipping, which is making the cells come out like 30% more expensive.

    I saw you replied to someone recently and told them the cells have been standardized and posted somewhere but I don't know where to find that info so I can see if it applies to PR.
    I'm looking to start with 4 and then add an extra 16 later, so quotes for both would be awesome.
    Michael B Caro
    I was just informed that:
    "Puerto Rico requires the customer's own customs clearance and tax payment. Need to determine whether the customer can own customs clearance and tax payment"
    So any shipping quotes you get will not be able to be done DDP and you will need to look into those charges and having the customs clearance done on your end :(
    Do you know if that's because is sea freight? I've never had to do that with anything shipped by air, but I know doing sea to the US and then ground shipping, which I suspect how it's done inside the US, is just impossible.
    Hey Michael
    Can you ship to Canada? I'm in the Calgary Alberta area. Looking for 4 or 8.
    Michael B Caro
    yes I can ship to Canada, but at this time China can not ship to Canada by sea and so the shipping is very expensive. I am currently looking at the current air freight from there to Canada, and also at the feasibility of having a larger supply shipped to me so that I can them ship them to Canada from Michigan.
    ok thx no rush it is a spring project
    Michael B Caro
    Just heard today that we can ship to Canada but sea again now
    Hi Michael,

    Firstly, thank you for taking on this project. It must be a bit overwhelming at times. I am fairly new to this board and definitely late to this thread. If you are still doing this group buy, could I get quotes on 4 and 8 cells shipped to 28080 zip. I am just trying to setup a small 12v battery bank for my RV as my first solar project.

    Thanks in advance!

    Michael B Caro
    The prices have now been standardized, and posted, so that we do not have to go through the individual quote hassle anymore.
    4 cells will be $475.34
    8 cells will be $900.40
    Phil Orton
    where would the standardized quotes be located?
    Hi Michael. Is there a standard price for 16 cells, or is the price for 8 cells simply doubled?
    Hi Michael, I'm interested in the group buy cells you've been arranging, I think from Xuba? I'm interested in 280Ah Prismatic Grade A cells, probably 16 matched if this is possible. Also if there is a possible case for these with room for a smallish BMS as a separate item I'd also be interested, I ordered a 400A Ant BMS for this setup. I'm in Brisbane California 94005.
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