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  • Hi Michael,

    I see your'e very busy and hope you are well. I am looking for a quote for 4x 200ah+ cells of whichever you have on hand to zip 99111.

    Thank you very much!
    Hello Michael.
    Would you please quote/delivery date for

    16pcs Lifepo4 280AH Grade A matched cells
    16s bms

    to Laredo TX, 78041
    Thank you.
    Hi Michael, I'm Bob and I live in Yorktown, IN. I found your posts close to the time you started the group buy thing. As I recall (?) I think somewhere in all posts you inferred pick-up in MI would save some shipping costs. As I live only a couple hours south of the IN and MI border, and the prospect of being able to afford the purchase 8 or 16 of these cells, I thought I should at least ask.
    Hi. I'm interested two quotes. One for 8 and one for 16 - 272ah cells and hardware. How much and how long for shipping to 45176?
    Could I get additional information re the 302 AH cells. Are they the normal aluminum case with blue wrapping and do they have welded studs ? Is the suggested charge and discharge rate .5C ? I would like a cost for 20 cells delivered ddp to zip code 85029. My email address is dcm18@aol.com
    I am interest in a 12v set. Open to the best deal. Looks like I may be too late for the last group. Zip is 33437. Thank you
    Hi Michael, Are you still taking orders for four 272/280 LFP cells? I need four and want to be sure they will arrive without damage and meet specs. Only interested in new and undamaged. My zip code is 95831 in Sacramento. Email is larry@forman.net. Please tell me what I need to do to make this happen, cost with shipping and estimated delivery to California. Many thanks, Larry Forman
    Hi Michael,
    sent you a PM on Monday, 12.04. for 12 272 - 280Ah cells to Miami 33195. Can you pls answer and indicate whether the shipment is relevant and for which conditions?
    Thanks Michael, need to decide on the supplier as soon as possible, since I need to cross the Pacific this summer.
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