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  • @Michael B Caro It has been over a week since you said my Kehengs would be shipped out by your daughter. Have they been sent, and do you have the tracking number?
    If she hasn't sent them yet, please be sure she remembers the bus bars, etc.
    Michael, I understand you are putting together group buys of LiPOFe4 cells. I'm not particular about brand but want quality cells. Approximately 280 AH cells would be good. I might be interested in as many as 24 cells. Please let me know what's possible. Zipcode 83833. I promise I'll be a great customer! Ben
    @Michael B Caro I hope you aren't planning on selling cells to new buyers before you make good for those who have already paid and are still waiting to receive them!
    Pretty sure he already admitted to taking money from earlier orders and just using their money to buy different batteries for a different project of his. So he won't respond because your money is tied up in someone else's order. Seems like he is just hoping this all will settle in the end and everyone will just magically get their batteries and be happy. Biggest red flag I've ever seen.
    On another note, he has another business mapadpros.com, that he has been using their invoices to send to people. In essence, tying their other somewhat successful business, to this battery endeavor he is attempting. So in the end this dude and his family business is gonna get burned hard, if he doesn't find all that money.
    I'd like to see you address the forum and let people know this week when they can either expect their product or their refund. wire fraud is serious. thanks.
    Since you have the Kehang 280s there in Michigan now, what will it cost to ship them to 89011? I'm ready to pay and get those cells!
    Hello Michael. I only received 5 0f 6 boxes of batteries. The lost box should have had 3 batteries and some bus bars. I can not do anything with 13 batteries. I need the 16 for my 48 volt system. Could you please help me out. What can we do about this situation. I would like to resolve it soon as possible. As you know shipping times are so long.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance.
    Hi Michael, could we get some information, I think it's the least you could do. Have you been ripped off or have we been ripped off? Is there any chance of getting a refund or its going to take a while to get a refund?
    Please respond Michael, consider how I must be feeling. I have also purchased some of these cells on behalf another person and it is very hard responding to his questions. What do I tell him?

    Hi Mike,
    Is it possible to cancel my order and get a refund? I paid in March, and it is 6 months hence. I need to go in a different direction
    Hi Mike,

    I have been trying to reach out and get a response from you for over 3 weeks. I sent you almost $4000 44 days ago and would simply like to know if my order did indeed ship. Please I have tried to be respectful and contact you via multiple PMs, however this is clearly not effective. @Will Prowse
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