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  • Hello Michael, can you please give me two quotes for LiFePO4 cells to include shipping to 18640:
    - 280Ah cells. I already have one spare, so I need a quote for 3 cells
    - 100Ah - 4 cells

    Thank you!!!
    I am setting up a solar system for my new/old boat.
    Need 12v, so 4 x 3.2v. Not fussy what mfg. as long as they are reliable. 272 - 280 Ah
    What is shipping to Montreal, Quebec and lead time?
    Michael...I live in Wilmore, KY...just a little south of Lexington. How much for 16x 280ah EVE cells delivered to me 40390 or I pick them up from your place?
    Hi Michael

    I am interested in 4 280 amp hr EVE batteries and I am in Missouri. How may I particpate in the group by ?

    I’m interested as well. Is there a ballpark price ?
    Hi Michael, I'm also looking for 8x270 AH cells for a single 24 volt battery for my van. I'm in southwest Ohio 45438. How do I get in?
    We're pricing out x8 280ah cells. Shipping to 59808 in MT. Curious how the group buy works and what the price will be :)
    I would like to order 32 of the 280AH cells and delivered to Athens Texas. Thank you greatly for taking this on.
    HI Michael, I'm looking for 8X 270 AH cells to build 2x 12v batteries for my truck camper. I'm in Olympia WA, 98502. What's the current price and ETA? Thanks,
    Sorry but my wife and I are having a discussion and I need to ask you to quote 8x280ah as well as 16x280ah cells shipped to N5P 3S8. She keeps me grounded... Please let me know if there are any other choices to be made.
    Oh and obviously I need all the hardware as well.
    Thanks again!
    Hi Mike, I'm new to the forum and just got through the group buy thread. Can you please quote me 16x280ah cells shipped to N5P 3S8. I'm a Canadian and I'm super polite most days so you won't get any grief from me. Sorry you had a bad Canadian experience earlier...
    Please let me know the procedure or direct me if I missed that in the thread.
    Hi Michael I am interested in getting a quote for 16 X 280ah batteries with bus bars/studs shipped to 22030.
    Hi Michael, I feel late to the game here but I've been waiting for the end of the CNY. I was hoping to get a quote from you - 8x 270-280ah batteries OR 8x 200ah batteries (if you do those) - preferably with busbars, studs, and nuts to 80033 USA. Thank you! -Rachael
    Hi Mike, Im joining the crowed here :)
    Would it be possible to get a quote for 16 of the cells with bus bars/studs to zip 39530?
    Thanks mate !
    Hi Michael. I was advised to contact you for help acquiring 4 x 270/280ah batteries shipped to 97062. Looking forward to your quote!
    Hi Michael, you seem to be quite a popular guy! Before I press order on some batteries that would take the slow boat to the US, I was hoping to get a quote from you - 8x 270-280ah batteries (preferably with busbars, studs, and nuts) to 80020 USA. Thanks!
    Hi Michael,
    Interested in a quote on 70 of the 272-280 ah Lishen cells with busbars, and studs with nuts, shipped to 37149 zip code USA. Working on an offgrid house project. I know it's chinese new year, so not sure how long the wait would be.
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