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    Whynter 12/120V Portable 45 Qt fridge/freezer for sale

    Got this for a sailboat cruise that was delayed and eventually cancelled because of Covid. It has been sitting in the boat unused. It's very clean, almost new inside and out and runs perfectly. This unit is either a fridge or a freezer with a digital temperature control. Inside is one single...
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    Steve, I am interested in the SBMS0. I have one on my boat and as I will be doing some remote...

    Steve, I am interested in the SBMS0. I have one on my boat and as I will be doing some remote cruising want to carry a spare. They seem to be unavailable from Dacian at the moment. I don't need the DSSR20 but I guess I could probably sell it if need be. Would you calculate shipping to Aransas...
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    Where can you find no hole / drilless solar power roof mounts for your house?

    It's done all the time on boats. Use sikaflex or similar and either commercial or DIY brackets. For DIY thin aluminum angle works well, the bigger the better, within reason, if you're worried about high winds. Glue the angle to your roof and then bolt or screw the panel to the upright on the...
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    Possible. Buss Bar solution for DIY

    T, I bought it a while back and don't remember exactly why I chose that size. Galco list a huge number of them and the catalog is a bit cumbersome; you have to go up a level from the basic description to get the specs. I probably just picked the first one that worked for my application. But...
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    Possible. Buss Bar solution for DIY

    Finally got the chance to use some of the Galco solid copper flexible bus bar. I'll post a few fotos later as I'm having trouble transferring them w/ Bluetooth. I haven't used it for my battery bus bar yet but have used it instead of cable and crimped terminals for some of the connections on my...
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    Possible. Buss Bar solution for DIY

    I did get the bus bar but have been too busy to experiment with it yet. I will post details when i do have the time. And its not so much about flexibility but ease of making custom tinned bars.
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    TopBand 25 AH Batteries. Now just Two Available at $11.00 each (Thank you EBay)

    I replied but have not heard back. 58 batteries sold anyway.
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    Fusing and busbars

    Dixonge, where in NM are you? I'n in Abq and do have a few surplus terminals and 'stuff' lying around as well as the crimping tools etc. I see you've ordered your bus bars so I'm too late there, but personally I use the ones sold by Waytek when I need fusing on the circuits. A little hard to...
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    Source for 1/4” Open End Ring Terminals

    I found a few places on EBay that sell specific sizes in quantity but it took a while to go through all the inapplicable results the EBay AUI (Artificial Un-intelligence) throws up. Does depend on the wire size/s you're after. For the larger AWG lugs this place has been good with shipping and...
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    Possible. Buss Bar solution for DIY

    Looking through the Galco website at the various flexible buss bars they offer, I came across this: It's a multilayer, flexible, insulated, tinned copper bar. Prices vary with the Amp capacity but for $50-70 you get 2...
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    Insulation Stripper?

    Something I haven't tried but have in the toolbox and am going to experiment with is a tubing cutter. It should be fairly easy to progressively cut the sheath without damaging the wire. Up until now I've used the Fiskars also but ya gotta be careful. I also find they don't seem to stay sharp...
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    Cheap/odd way to mount panels on cargo trailer

    Depends on how constrained your budget is and what tools you have access to but if you're limited in funds and you don't want to drill holes anyway, there are various manufacturer's adhesives that will work. I'm most familiar with the Sikaflex range used in the marine industry but Bostik make a...
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    TopBand 25 AH Batteries. Now just Two Available at $11.00 each (Thank you EBay)

    I have decided to go a different way with my sailboat battery pack and I'm selling two full packs of the Navitas Topband 25 AH cells I bought earlier this year. Selling for the price I paid: $11.00 each for a minimum of a full case of 30, or for both cases. These are as they were shipped...
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    FTZ power lugs and various other terminals. (welding wire and 2/0, 5/16 lugs sold)

    I have found myself with a pile of 'stuff' that is surplus to requirements. 1. AWG 2 stranded welding cable. Been sitting around for a while attached to a stick welder but didn't work for my application and I removed it. The cover is still fine, very flexible, multi-stranded wire. Not tinned...