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    Lithium Ion NMC with 48v Sol-Arc - Battery Configuration / BMS / Charge Questions

    I recently received 8 Lithium Ion NMC battery packs. Here are the battery specifications. Each cell labeled: - CA1 060G6 - +3.7 V - 37.0 Wh - 10000 mAh - BM1740310368 Some of these tested at 12V and some at 16V. Each cell is labeled as 3.7 W nominal, however, some of the cells are testing at...
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    Large capcity NMC

    @wargames I have 18kW worth of NMC batteries. They were made by Cummins to test EVs.
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    BYD Lithium NMC Recommended State of Charge

    @adriansantos Any updates? Have you found any other answers to your questions? You're further along than me, but I have some of the same questions, especially regarding safety.
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    Selling Cummins Lithium-Ion EV battery packs * 8

    Hey all, I'm located in SF Bay Area. I purchased these batteries, thinking they were LiFePO4 (yes, newbie). I'm open to sell or trade for LiFePO4 for a solar project I'm embarking on. Details below: Manufactured by Cummins for EV testing (minimal use per report) Model BM44E Battery...
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    Battery Identification and Recommendations

    I'm running into an issue with these batteries and hoping that someone can help me out. - I'm trying to top-balance these batteries (is this really necessary)? - The only way I'm aware that I can avoid charging the cells in this pack 1 at a time (56 cells per pack x 8 packs) is to put them in...
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    Cummins LiFePO4 battery packs to power heavy equipment

    I have these very batteries! However, for the life of me, I can't figure out the best way to put them to work. Plus... I'm concerned about storing them in my home because of the chemistry. I'm brand new at this, so may just be over-precautious. Check out my post regarding this subject: Battery...
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    Battery Identification and Recommendations

    Thanks for advice NVS, Issue I'm having is individually charging 56 * 8 (448) cells. I'm trying to find the best way to do that, which I haven't yet found through YouTube or Google. Being new at this, and dealing with 56 cell packs, I haven't been able to figure out the safest and most...
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    Battery Identification and Recommendations

    I was able to track down more details about battery packs I acquired but could not figure out how to use. Each pack comprises 56 prismatic cells but looks like it can be broken down into smaller pre-fabricated sections for 28. With buss bars in series: Attempting to charge to 3.7V when I...
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    [SOLVED] Okay to use 14s BMS on a 13s lithium-ion pack?

    I purchased a 14s Overkill BMS very recently under the belief that my battery bank was LiFePO4... big newbie mistake documented here on this forum with little help or recognition from this board of my error (I own the mistake... but my assessment is true). Luckily OverkillSolar has been...
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    168 Cell BMS anyone?

    Confirmed today by seller. These are Lithium Ion batteries. Not Lithium Iron Phosphate. This was a $2k+ mistake if I can’t find another use for them. Does anyone have suggestions? Note: I expect the temptation to want to flame me for this blunder. Just keep in mind, it’s a mistake I...
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    168 Cell BMS anyone?

    Question, in the picture below, how would you go about testing whether or not you can use these wires (red box in the picture below) for an initial Top Balancing? Each pack has 56 cells and there are 6 bundles of 4 strand wires coming from each pack. I just want to be cautious so that I don't...
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    168 Cell BMS anyone?

    Question. With the batteries pictured above, is it safe to use that thin of wire for BMS connection? I just received Will’s recommended DC charger, and a 48V Overkill BMS will be in tomorrow… so I’m getting close to having what I think I’ll need to get started. These batteries aren’t the...
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    168 Cell BMS anyone?

    @ A_Justice. Thanks for clarification and advice. Yes, please share the thread you’re referring.
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    168 Cell BMS anyone?

    Thanks for your reply @ A.Justice. Best news I’ve heard today. Either I misinterpreted the DIY Battery Handbook or the information stating that top- balancing needs to be done on cell-by cell basis. While prepping the battery banks last night it hit me…. These cells are already wired and ready...
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    168 Cell BMS anyone?

    It's funny how complex things seem as a beginner. I hope I can look back at this post 1 or 2 years from now and laugh at how clueless I was when writing. I was over-eager. I couldn't see past the $0.13/kWh pricetag.... and now I have 16.5 kW of LiFePO4 power. You'd think I'd be happy, right...