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    100 amp service, 200 amp panel. 20 amp solar breaker or 40?

    Or use a line side tap and avoid the 120% rule entirely?
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    create resistive load for capacity testing

    Inverter and a brine tank.
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    Schneider Conext XW Pro 6848

    Insight Home terminates one end of your Xanbus; Facility has two pairs of Xanbus ports. Facility has two RS485 ports, two 0-10VDC analog inputs, two 4-20mA inputs and two relay channels (NO/NC). Facility can mount to a DIN rail. Is all that worth an extra $300? Dunno.
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    Schneider Conext XW Pro 6848

    Check out This will apparently let you setup for zero-export/sell. I skipped the SCP and just use Insight (Facility).
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    Just found this in the wild

    Yet another reason to use compression fittings.
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    DLG E-BOX 48100R, testing and tinkering.

    I've yet to begin that effort. Understand that anything I write would likely run on something like a Raspberry Pi and simply feed data to InfluxDB for visualization with Grafana.
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    Why does this inverter cost $3,300?

    They certainly feel like the've got $3000 of copper in them.
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    DLG E-BOX 48100R, testing and tinkering.

    I analyzed the BMS firmware with reverse-engineering tools (Ghidra) and looked for all the supported RS485 commands, which I documented earlier in this thread. My plan was to pull that info from the console, since the output it produces shows some concession to machine parsing (command response...
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    DLG E-BOX 48100R, testing and tinkering.

    The serial console lets you query cell status, but the RS485 interface doesn't have any of that info available.
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    DLG E-BOX 48100R, testing and tinkering.

    That's not what I'm seeing here. RS485 "LVP" $ .build/lvp_test -a 0x12 -c 0x63 System Charge/Discharge Management Info 1: 57.500 V Charge voltage limit 2: 47.000 V Discharge voltage limit 3: 12.5 A Charge current limit 4: 300.0 A Discharge Current limit 5: 0xc0...
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    DLG E-BOX 48100R, testing and tinkering.

    I've ordered another six batteries and a "DLG 1U Hub" which can talk to seven strings of six batteries each. Two strings is about all I have room for but I'll report results of using it. I considered rolling my own, as I've got all the CAN protocol specs, but decided that I don't need yet...
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    Show us your Rack!

    Vertical cantilevered wall mount rack.
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    Sol-Ark 12K and EG4LL battery communications

    On the other hand, when I went looking for batteries, if it didn't support the Pylon protocol (which my inverter does), then it didn't make the list.
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    DLG E-BOX 48100R, testing and tinkering.

    The current I'm seeing on the Schneider matches with what I see on the console of the battery, if I sum the "Curr" column in the "pwr" command. The inverter charge current matches what the BMS is asking for (confirmed by using the RS485 low voltage protocol), which scales based on the number of...
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    DLG E-BOX 48100R, testing and tinkering.

    I'm not aware of any mainstream laptops that still ship with serial ports and can't think of any that ever shipped with RJ-45 serial ports. I grabbed an RJ-12 cable from my hoard and an RJ-45 to DB-9 and adjusted the pinout to work with the USB to DB-9 adapter. I'm not sure why DLG didn't just...