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    EVE Borderline Capacity 272- 276 AH - Type 66/71 Model Blend

    RE: Borderline Capacity Finding - Interim - 272AH (0.5C) and 276 AH (0.3C) Leaning toward "Accepting" this as "Close Enough" - even though part of me think 1C 280AH factory spec should be met. HARDWARE: EVE 280 AH - x8 as 24V system. -Stated as A - and factory matched/binned set...
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    Chargery BMS, DCC (Solid State Contactor) thread.

    I asked Jason about the DCC-300 v1.1 instructions (DCC on POS) vs. the v1.0 DCC (and BMS8/16T) instructions which all show DCC on NEG. He said that some customers have "suggested" that DCC on POS is safer. At the risk of finding myself quick schooled by the EE community and Mike Holt...
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    Chargery BMS Cell Readings Inaccuracy. Should I be concerned?

    May I ask - how did you feed the external power source for the Chargery? Presently - using internal power on a BMS16T (only using 8 cells / 24V though)... and want to changeover to external as so many have recommended.
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    Chargery Shunt - Double Shunt option?

    RE: Charger Shunt Errors - Calibrate or Not ? I've noticed that my Charger 300A shunt shows 1A for about 20 minutes after my batteries are disconnected - then reducing to 0A. Verified current 0A via Fluke clamp on ammeter against battery output + and and - Which brings me to 2 questions: 1...
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    Ordered 8 EVE "new" 280Ah cells from Shenzhen Luyuan

    Sounds like our Batteries were cousins... having likely shared the same ship.
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    Type 66 vs 71 - Plate says LF280 on 66 - and Model LF280N on the 71

    Excited to receive my EVE cells today. For those wondering about Cells via the LA and Long Beach ports --- it was a while. 3 months and 11 days - payment to door. Payment 7-3-2021 To Logistics Agent PRC 7-18-2021 +15 days Ship leaves Yantian PRC 8-29-2021...
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    Luyuan / Amy - Type 66 & 71 in matched set?

    Hi Amy - Thank you for this very thorough response. The detail level is quite helpful. It also sounds like an opportunity for EVE to update their PDF specifications to avoid buyer confusion. From the description, it sounds as though QR serialization date may be separate from...
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    EVE Specification Code "66", is this 280Ah ?

    Feel free to inquire with EVE directly as well. I did but have not received a reply yet. NOTING: Someone poked fun at my reference to an EVE auditor a few days back. Well here it is.
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    Luyuan / Amy - Type 66 & 71 in matched set?

    Thank you. Details are much appreciated Amy. I'm awaiting a reply from EVE still. RE: TYPING: The comments above would require that (EVE) Specification PDF is incorrect re: 66 vs 71 (published by EVE 12/22/2019 saying N is 71). Are saying that ? or is EVE saying - old 280 and 280N...
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    Luyuan / Amy - Type 66 & 71 in matched set?

    Hi Amy - 5.6AH / 280AH = +/- %2.00 Probably a good idea to add this to the product specification pre-sales. 2 Questions: 1) Any idea how that compares to cell capacity ranges used by other Commercial ESS systems (Tesla Powerwall, EVE Mega, etc.) 2% vs. 1% vs ? 2) Did EVE reply to...
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    Luyuan / Amy - Type 66 & 71 in matched set?

    Dear Mr. Bob - Would it be possible for you to allow us to focus on the core matter of this thread? You have 27 posts that reference Amy/Luyuan - and many are positive. Yet - you stated a few days ago - you've never ordered from her. Yet you jumped in many many times into a closed thread...
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    Luyuan / Amy - Type 66 & 71 in matched set?

    Guessing within 2 weeks. I'll take photos of QR's (assuming that's your next question). I've also inquired with Auditor at EVE to trace the serial numbers in question and advice of Specification # and Manufacturing Date. Perhaps, I should have paid more for EVE Direct sample order to EVE to...
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    Luyuan / Amy - Type 66 & 71 in matched set?

    Amy says - I really don't understand how a person who made a point of noting the NEW 280N (Type 71) versus the OLD LK280 2020 (Type 66) -- and who now makes a point of emphasizing the LK280K (Type 76) --- suddenly doesn't seem to understand that Type 66 is NOT LK280N. All while my Alibaba...
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    Shenzhen Luyuan - Did I get what I paid for?

    Steve - Firstly, allow me to thank you for your great contributions to this board. I greatly appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share. It's tremendously valuable - and no doubt of great benefit to many on this board. With that said, No member should be made to feel...
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    New eve different from old eve

    Amy from Luyuan told me about the LF280K about 60 days ago: "Wan Amy: LF280K,6000 cycles, it is only needed in special fields, what we sell is LF280N" Attaching JPG of chat session..... Does this add up?