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    buying panels in bulk

    My MPP inverters and charge controllers just cleared customs and should be delivered Monday hopefully. Ordered all my conduit and switchboards to start putting it all together. I tried to order cables online as well, I'm sure there a lot cheaper but no one wants to talk to you or the they won't...
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    buying panels in bulk

    Did you pay using Alibaba or out of Alibaba?
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    sodium-ion batteries .....

    Has charge and discharge characteristics/specifics changed much over the life of Lifepo4? Seems as they understand chemistry and construction more they work out how to milk more cycles, 2000 -> 4000 -> 6000. Wonder where the cycle count will start at the beginning as they learn the chemistry...
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    Why not to use Daly BMS with MPPT controllers

    I was going to monitor the voltage out of my SCC using and have the contactor activate a breaker aux closer, they also have DC MCCB's that can be controlled and also do voltage cutoff. Multiple devices and multiple...
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    Material between compressed cells

    Amy from Luyuan will sell you insulation material that they are using and I'm pretty sure Docan has something similar as well.
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    Amy Luyuan "A-" cells

    The capacity is stated as 280Ah if they don't meet that then you can make a claim as they aren't as advertised? I can't see any where that it's saying they might not meet capacity. Docan is selling these for about $4 more, they are saying they are grade A.
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    buying panels in bulk

    Nice, have you seen ? That's what I thought, I'm keeping everything in a garage and i'll put a window AC in for climate control so shouldn't really need to worry abotu fan unless there's heat spot where I install the BMS. First...
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    buying panels in bulk

    Yeah, my grid-tie is on the house roof and was installed and gets some pretty nice rebates. I've got a bit of room to work with so i'm looking to build some green houses and place panels on top and grow vegetables underneath. I think I will have to talk to Amy, I got a qoute for $109 from...
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    buying panels in bulk

    Nice find! They have some nice looking bifacial panels as well, that i'm very interested in. How was communicating with them? Was the 30% deposit for all orders or just your european order? I assume it's pay the other 70% on delivery? I just got my grid tie system installed today 19.89Kw...
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    buying panels in bulk

    I take it those prices are USD? That's 25c per watt if they were half that price I would have been amazed. They are listed here as well...
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    buying panels in bulk

    What inverter/SCC are you going to use with the YS700M-66? The current is quite high on these panels otherwise they do look interesting.
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    buying panels in bulk

    Someone on here has ordered from I've been looking at them but not ready to try and order yet so can't give an clue if there good or not.
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    Option for DC Breaker enclosure?

    What is that split lug feeding the dual pol breaker? I've looked on google but can't find anything.