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    Lishen 270ah-272ah cell group buy.

    People should notice he let 3,000 emails backlog but he's taking the time to make more money.... and he says people ripped him off and he needs your money now to make the people burnt "right". Yet people said in the past that he said the money would be there till batteries were received. Is...
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    Big Battery 24V inconsistencies

    I think we did, don't deal with BB....
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    24v inverter recommendations

    I have one from this company, has a led interface, kind of goofy to be honest, but it does work.
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    Battery inverter to preheat diesel engine

    I've cranked a UH-1 at minus preheat.... Crewchief said we blew fire to the tail rotor when it was getting going... (the battery had been kept warm till we cranked though). Maybe you should have bought a better rig dude. :)
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    Female newbie questions

    Or you could change your heat source to? Combination of solar/battery and propane?
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    Water condensation on EVE cells in campervan

    Put a battery heater (mat) in their? Long ago I used them in Alaska...
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    Gas-Powered Lawn Equipment Will Soon Be Banned In Cali, a broad category that includes generators.

    Meh, Maybe he will stop caltrans for wasting the millions of gallons of pretrol they waste? Or put into plan some sort of burn plan for the forest so we don't use a lot of fossil fuels to continually fight fires? As for my genset, it'll probably still run after I'm dead. My leaf...
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    Big Battery 24V inconsistencies

    Signature solar and their batteries..... Others out there as well. Will has (I believed) covered the Gyll battery before.
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    Big Battery 24V inconsistencies

    So, given others very similar and BAD experience your willing to accept a replacement instead of going with a company that sells for the same price with no real bad repeated experiences? Ouch. Burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me. Your first burn in this experience (at...
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    Big Battery 24V inconsistencies

    my first off the shelf battery was a UFO one, has a resent button built it. My 2cnd was a BB one, and they wanted me to take it apart and disconnect wires to reset it (DOD). I sent it back. Yeh their price seems "good" till you factor in the horror of it not working as advertised and...
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    Big Battery 24v 170ah hawk problems

    Sorry they screwed ya. I'm glad I sent mine back when it arrived broken, but what a pain that made that.... And my CC company was NO help at resolving it either.... Which was another issue is by the point my CC company told me no to helping it was on its way back to BB....
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    Stripped stud

    Its unusable unless you have a flux capacitor, which I happen to have. Just send it to me so at least it won't go to waste... :)
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    What electric car that would supply battery power for a 48v house system?

    Google is your friend, you can buy units or build a EV that will do it.... I doubt anyone here has built one as EV forums would be the place for that. As for me I'm going to buy a Ford Lightning, but may or may not opt in for the part that will run my house. Expect to spend like $60,000 or...