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  • My travel trailer install so far

    I have all the 4/0 done, all marine grade wire. They say it's flexible. I suppose it is....compared to a steel rod! But it gives me a warm fuzzy so it's worth the work to me. It's under the bed in the basement. The chutes (wire guides) on the Lynx distributor were too narrow for heavy duty...
  • Craigslist score!

    One Victron MultiPlus True Sine Wave Inverter Charger 24V 3000w 70Amps 120v, brand new sealed in the box - $850! I'm going build a system on my travel trailer and I agonized over whether to go 12v or 24v. This deal made it a no brainer! This is the first major component and all the devices will...
  • Ampere Time LiFePO4 battery coupon sale at Amazon

    $40 off coupon at Amazon for a 200ah Plus battery. All their batteries have coupons at various amounts. The coupon is per order so if you need more than one battery you have to order and pay individually. I bought two and the coupon applied on each...
  • Solar + alternator charging

    I have an EPEVER Tracer BN Series 40A MPPT Charge controller on the solar side and a Renogy 20A DC-DC Charger on the alternator side. They feed 2 100ah sealed lead acid batteries. Can these be run in parallel or do they need to be isolated?
  • Please delete

    I didn't realize that someone beat me to this
  • Charger amps to series connected batteries

    Again showing my ignorance here.... Say I have a 24v charger putting out 60 amps to a pair of series connected 12v lithium batteries. Is that 60 amps split evenly between both batteries, 30a/30a? Thanks
  • My solar panel mounts

    These will go on my travel trailer with an arched rubber roof with aluminum trusses. They will orient parallel with the length of the trailer and panels with the center screw in a truss. The other two screws will be in the plywood. All aluminum with stainless hardware. Six mounts per 200W panel...
  • Roof mounted panels safety strap/cable

    I've read several places that a strap or cable should be attached to the array in case the panels lift off while towing. Seems like a good idea but I can't for the life of me think of how to anchor the strap/cable any better than the panels themselves. Any ideas?
  • Bus bar ampacity question

    The tables I've seen for copper bus bar ampacity don't make sense and I'm looking for some clarification. For example: A 1/8 x 1" bar shows an ampacity of 270 amps so two bars stacked should have a combined ampacity of 540 amps. Is that correct? It confuses me because a 1/4 x 1" bar shows...
  • LiFePO4 long term storage

    I have two 24v 200ah batteries fully charged and connected in parallel. There are no loads connected. For long term storage, should I keep them connected in parallel or should I disconnect them and let them discharge individually?
  • Nature Power 215-Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel - feedback please

    I'm putting together a system for my travel trailer and I see these are on sale at Home Depot for a great price. I've never heard of Nature Power and online reviews are virtually nonexistent. I'm wondering how they compare to the bigger names like Rich, ect., as far as quality and performance...
  • Inverter to battery Fuse and wire sizing

    I'm installing 2 12v 200ah LiFePO4 batteries in series for 24v and also a Victron Mulriplus 24v/3000w inverter. The batteries have a max discharge rating of 200a but can do 400+ for 55 sec. Are the fuse and wire sizes determined by the continuous power rating of the inverter?
  • Is there any PV specific wire/cable that is flexible?

    Going into a combiner box with typical stiff 10awg PV wire is a real pain. Is there any flexible wire with excellent UV resistance? I know marine grade wire has PVC insulation which is rated very good but not excellent. Thanks for any help.
  • Victron Cerbo GX connectivity question

    I'm liking Victron Connect via cellphone less and less for various reasons. I communicate with a mulitplus, a smart solar controller, and a smart shunt. I'd like to be able to use my laptop for communication and control instead of having to buy a Cerbo display and plug directly to the Cerbo GX...
  • Victron 24/12 converter wiring

    I want to use a Victron Energy Orion IP20 24/12-Volt 70 amp DC-DC Converter Non-Isolated, High Power with my travel trailer system. 24/12 Converter It only has one negative post. My batteries and primary system is 24v. Am I correct in assuming that I would connect the 24v neg to the neg post...
  • Small 12v charger advice

    I'm going to put two new 12-volt 300ah in series and I want to bring them up to full charge separately first. Looking for a small charger to do that with. I don't want to buy junk and ruin my batteries but I don't want to spend way more $$$ than I have to. Any advice would be greatly...
  • EPEVER Tracer 3215BN Solar Charge Controller w/ MT50 Remote Meter

    Hello. I'm putting together my first solar setup and it's going on my camper trailer. I have one 320w panel. I have 2x100ah AGM batteries currently and when they die I want to replace them 2x100ah lithium (or possibly 1x200ah lithium). I'm looking at the afore mentioned charge controller combo...
  • SOLD - Midnite Solar 15 amp DC breakers

  • Victron black Friday sales?

    Any black Friday sales on Victron products coming up?