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  • My tiny off-grid power system

    Here is my "portable" power bank running off-grid in a cottage. There is grid power too so this is more a learning/hobby project. I designed the aluminum frame and equipment layout in CAD. Not the safest system: solar panel cables run to an anderson wall mount for decoupling and I have omitted...
  • Do DC breakers work?

    I'm considering this kind of 200A breaker between 200Ah lifepo battery and 3000VA Victron inverter/charger.: What I have researched, these don't work properly and may even be dangerous. So what do you think? Or are...
  • Battery load handling at low charge level

    My 12V 200Ah lifepo4 battery shuts down at 12.75V (~15% charge) when trying to draw 2000W. I guess that is normal? Lower the voltage/charge level, less amps you can draw from a battery? (sorry should be at battery discussion)
  • Do PWM controllers/dimmers cause EMI noise? Alternatives?

    I would like to dim 12V fans and led lights. Easiest solution seems to be PWM dimmer switch. I have read, and it makes sense, that PWM causes electric pollution - EMI. Is this true, and if so, is there an analog alternative for dimming led lights? For fans it's easy to make diy resistors.
  • Do you need a switch or fuse in addition of circuit breaker?

    I have this Blue Sea circuit breaker as main battery fuse and switch: Is this enough or should there be a additional switch and/or faster fuse? If so, why? I think you use a switch only when doing...
  • Can you use normal cable crimper for Powerpoles?

    There are dedicated Anderson Powerpole crimper tools but can you use a regular cable crimper?
  • Proper way to connect on/off switch for entire system

    I wan't to have an emergency switch, a big red knob, for an off-grid system I'm building (battery, mppt and inverter). I have heard that you should always connect mppt to battery before connecting panels to mppt. So how should the switch be connected? If you just cut off positive on battery...
  • Negative wires when grounding to chassis

    Why do you need to run separate long negative wires around the van for DC system if you connect negative to chassis, along with equipment grounds? Why not just connect negatives to nearest chassis point or equipment ground point?
  • Is shunt/battery monitor required for battery protection?

    I have lifepo battery with BMS, Victron Multiplus II inverter/charger and Victron MPPT. I would like to build an install and forget system that doesn't require constant monitoring. - Is the only purpose of shunt or battery monitor, how ever expensive, just to display information? They don't...
  • Charge priority of AC and Solar

    I have Victron Multiplus II and Victron MPPT. How do they work together charging the battery when both are connected? If they both charge the battery the load will be too much. Is it possible to program so that solar gets priorized over AC? Do you need somekind of device for that?
  • How low voltage is safe under load for lifepo4?

    My battery is running at 12.9V when pretty empty. When at high 2kW load, voltage drops just under 12V. That's a water heater that turns on for couple of minutes every 3-4 hours. Is this safe or good for battery life in long run?
  • Inside wall mount connector for PV cables

    Hi all, I have panels (820W, 14 amps) on cabin roof and would like to run cables inside the cabin for a simple off grid system (mppt, inverter & battery). I will drill a hole through a cabin wall for the cables and I would like to have a connector on the inside wall for easy plugin of the...
  • How to test solar wiring without light

    Just added an extra connection in the wiring path and I'm not getting any solar power. It's very rainy though so not sure if there should be any. Is it possible to test with multimeter that the PV loop that connects to MPPT is continous, there isn't faulty connections in the wiring?
  • Silent options for Victron

    I have Multiplus II 3000VA 12V inverter & charger which is too noisy for me. Are there any silent alternatives from other brands that you could recommend? I would like 200A long term current, 100A charger and UPS function. I've got a 200A Lifepo4 battery and I'm in Europe. Thanks!
  • Lifepo4 battery getting tired after 6 months?

    I have 200Ah 12V battery feeding 3000W Multiplus II inverter. I know it's a bit underrated but I'm drawing max 1C. Max consumption is when water heater kicks in for couple of minutes at a time taking 2 kW plus ~400W of other constant usage. Six months ago battery would shut down when charge...