Retiring military. No interest in a mortgage and a fair amount of home building experience. In search of enough knowledge to cobble together a ground mounted 5v solar tracking array and powerful enough system to run the house when I'm done. Average rural connection for my distance is about $15k, so a system big enough to power heavy power tool loads in the day and very low standby loads at night has started my quest with about 6 months to figure it out
Winnemucca NV
Current Solar Power System
Hunting Craigslist for cheap bulk panels. Nevada full off grid construction coming in July. Current home consumption is 990kwh/mo according to my bill average.
Military retiring after 21yrs. Allergic to mortgages, no problem with building it myself. Grid tie possible in about 5ys


Met the recruiter in 1999. 21 years later: pension is just about here, got the, kiddos, grand kiddos and the first and only wife. Now onto building the home, solar, and applying to the NV Foster system to make a few kiddo lives better. Retired pay isn't high pay, so we're always sniffing for a clearance, coupon, demo model, or just plain good deal.


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