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  • Post in thread: Very pleased with my system

    My goal was to be able to live normally for a minimum of 3 days with no solar input. Three days wasn't a completely random number, last year while traveling, we had 3 days of heavy cloud cover and almost constant rain/sleet/snow. I struggled with everything, including limited battery capacity...
  • Post in thread: IT WORKS!

    Thank you to everyone who put up and answered my seemingly endless questions. This was an extremely steep learning curve, as I knew nothing about solar, and enough about electrical to make sparks happen. I was able to keep the 5th wheel operational with the two existing 100ah batteries and...
  • Post in thread: Ever wonder what a solar eclipse looks like to the system?

    First time I've ever seen one, it was pretty kewl.
  • Post in thread: Multiplus-II AC wires pull out easily!?

    Sigh. I struggled with this myself. First get rid of the ferrule. MP doesn't seem to like those. 2nd, make sure the stripped distance is long enough. IRC it's 3/4", and I made mine ever so slightly longer. Once I got rid of the ferrules, and stopped trying to release the clamp and just...
  • Post in thread: True testing of my system

    Even after inadvertently leaving the electric hot water heater energized my 600ah and 1200w did very well after 48 hours of normal living. My goal was 72 hours, and it looks like I'm well on my road to success. Decided to let the fridge run off electric, and it uses a lot more watts than I was...
  • Post in thread: Panel wiring with shading

    Somebody sent me a most interesting panel configuration. Panels are hard mounted (not adjustable) where he lifted the center mounts to the height of the AC and other crap on the roof. Now, this puts one side, as being much lower production than the other side. In the winter, I'd expect very...
  • Post in thread: RV Solar Design Advice

    With that much roof space, go big. Plan to use a rail system to mount the panels, and push them all the way to the outside edge. Leave some walking room to get on the roof to do repairs as needed. I would rethink using the existing equipment. My intermediate step was to do exactly that. I...
  • Post in thread: Converting propane fridge to 12v compressor

    The actual part cost for my model was $795. I chose the installation option, 1st because it was only $250, and 2nd because they are only a hour away from me. That and right now I'm on weight restriction from surgery for several more weeks. We looked at all the options, and putting in the same...
  • Post in thread: Limited amp output from Progressive 9160

    Found more of the issue, wire connection to the charger, is an issue, almost 0.5v at that connector. I put a ferrule on the wire (larger strands), and tightened it down, and saw an immediate improvement. It appears the neg wire runs back to the fuse panel, but not to the buss bar. I'll have...
  • Post in thread: Converting propane fridge to 12v compressor

    My issues with propane accelerated this winter while snow birding. It literally became a daily challenge to keep it running. Potpourri of issues like build up on spark igniter to some unknown issue with coolant flow, to just being cantankerous. I knew putting in the 12v compressor system would...
  • Post in thread: Microair EasyStart

    For my TT running on a 2500w generator, i installed microair easystart. aircon went from stalling the generator to running fine. . Got a bit more interesting in the 5th wheel Multiplus II 2x. It would start the aircon, but MP went into overload, and I was scrambling to shut off anything 120v...
  • Post in thread: Is it safe to have a 30a to 50a adapter connected with the Victron multi plus II?

    very few RV's have 240V. It's a rarity that generally only shows up in the super expensive Class A's.
  • Post in thread: Very pleased with my system

    MP II 2x 600ah battery 1200w solar I sized it for 3 days with no solar and no AC nor resistance heat. Going into day 5 of heavy cloud cover and rain. I probably would have made it, but one day I turned the fridge to electric, and used up what little I was getting off of solar to run the...
  • Post in thread: Victron Multiplus II Assisting

    If you haven't already, look at MicroAir EasyStart product. I had it on my first TT, and just ordered it for my 5th wheel link
  • Post in thread: Question: victron 100v 50a. 24v solar panel. how many panels can I use?

    I received confirmation from Rich Solar that it is in fact supposed to be C, and they are going to fix it.
  • Post in thread: Mounting Solar Panels on RV with Curved Roof

    you really hit the nail on the head that most people don't understand, wind resistance is NOT linear to speed. to use your example, even 3% is not measurable in real world driving. Wind, elevation, barametric conditions, speed, and even fuel can disrupt the measurements. I'm a recently a...
  • Post in thread: Can you offer advice on an expandable RV setup?

    Push the panels all the way to the outer edge. You can see shadows from the aircon units, shadows are devastating to a panels output. With as many panels as you have, I'd look at a rail system. Carefully consider how they are going to be wired and the impact to the system. I don't have...
  • Post in thread: Finally got the panels mounted

    Thank you to everybody that has been helping with my difficult 5th wheel installation. If you're just joining, I'm already at 13'5", so higher was not an option. Total of six panels in two independent strings (driv/pass sides), 24v 200w panels. The drivers side, I left enough room for on...
  • Post in thread: Starting 12V Absorbtion Fridge on Battery

    If my fridge fails, that will be on my list... however, since I said that, the fridge will never fail!
  • Post in thread: Lessons learned

    Well written as I have gone from knowing nothing to putting together a system I'm hoping to be proud of. hopefully smoke test will be in a couple of days. I did tire of the absolutes without reasoning. I'll question everything as I'm learning, it was a process that served me well in my...
  • Post in thread: Spam Attacks

    Thank you for all you and the mods do!
  • Post in thread: cleaning your panels - system off?

    I gained about 40% improvement after a long period of no rain, lot of dust and pollen on the panels flat on the roof of the 5th wheel
  • Post in thread: Victron is Over-priced Eurotrash. Why would anybody buy Victron over an AiO?

    As I came to realize my 5th wheel factory installed system was woefully inadequate, started down the path of Victron and Battleborn. Yes they both cost a lot more, but the system just works wonderfully well. Dragonfly put up with my hundreds of questions, and the system worked perfectly well...
  • Post in thread: Lets try this replaced my dc batteries.

    Are you allowing the SOC to drop below 50% (12.2v). If so, the discharge is damaging the batteries.
  • Post in thread: 12V flooded battery - what voltage to not go below?

    AGM are not much better. GC2 can work a little better, but they don't handle high amperage loads as well as 12V. Just get the lithium and be done.
  • Post in thread: Calculating Inverter to Batter Cable Size and Fuse Size

    Same inverter I installed the weekend. Mine did come with 2 AWG cables. I installed those for now.
  • Post in thread: Converting propane fridge to 12v compressor

    We looked at doing what you did, your unit would have been a perfect fit. however, we both like the decor of the factory nevercold. I wanted DC, because even when I'm hooked up to park power, I tend to run 120v off of park power, and DC off of battery. If I'd get off my rear, and do the...
  • Post in thread: Connection wires

    Are the wires UV stabilized
  • Post in thread: Getting wire down from roof

    Got the wires down today... it was a bit challenging. I wanted to use a cute aerodynamic gland housing, but just couldn't find one big enough for 4 8mm wires. So, my project box combiner is partially in the slip stream, with wires to SCC coming up through the bottom of the box. Was able to...
  • Post in thread: What is an acceptable temp increase on battery terminals?

    150a/6 batteries is 25a per battery, System in perfect conditions is capable of roughly 200a total, or 33a per battery. Battery case temps matched ambient.