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    Which one is in trouble ?

    Thank you all for your reply. I just did the parasitic draw and it is .35amp So for about a month 24 hours a day it drawn a LOT of amps and like you wrote, the BMS just did not add up htat really small charge. I know what I have to do now. If I have to put my rv in the garage for a long...
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    Which one is in trouble ?

    I recently entered my rv in the garage. He's been there for about a month. So it is not connected to the shore and for recharging with the sun ... well it obviously does not work. Yesterday I entered the rv and as I usually do, I connect to my BMS Daly to see the battery status. It is 89% and...
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    Mixing cell capacity

    I will do a capacity test today. And it did get to at least 4.60 And yes the cell is quite big.
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    Mixing cell capacity

    The cell is at 3.29 (or something like that). Is it still good ? this is really THE question. My seller just wrote me 'not to use it'. So is it because there are risks ? or just because it is no good. I will wait to see what experts here say about it.
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    Mixing cell capacity

    I did a bad thing ! I started to top balance my cells for a second battery BUT I adjust my power supply to 4.60 instead of 3.60. Now the first cell is not reusable (I think) so I ordered a new cell from my Alibaba seller BUT she is out of 150ah. My question, can I put a different cell...
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    Top balance with used cells. Can i overcharge/damage a cell with low capacity?

    Yes when I saw that I made an error of voltage I put them in series and applied a load (the voltage was more then 15volts). After 5 or 6 minutes of load, the voltage was under 13.5 volts. So I figured that the expansion of the cell was stopped. I removed the charge and let it sit in series for...
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    Top balance with used cells. Can i overcharge/damage a cell with low capacity?

    I received 4 new cells of 150ah LiFePO4, and like i did with my other pack I charged the whole thing close to 14 volts. Then I top balanced each cell. But I did a stupid thing, I put my charger at 4.60 instead of 3.60 volts. When I saw my mistake the cell was beginning to 'inflate' so I stopped...
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    Daly BMS 200 amps cutting off

    I bought the LiFePO4 280ah battery from one seller on Alibaba and with that I bought a 120amps 4S Daly BMS. These are installed in my RV and I used to have lead battery (4- 6 volts X235amps) and I was able to use my microwave. Now with the 120 amps BMS...the BMS cut off the battery...silly...
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    Question after I added a second battery

    I also have a question about 'adding a second' battery. I already have a 280ah with a 4S BMS. I bought a 150ah with another 4S BMS. I did not really think about some possibles problems !!! I tought that each BMS would do their job. So is there in your opinion some problems if these...
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    Is my DALY BMS bad?

    Can you post a picture of the 'key' ... I am having a problem with my BMS. From the + of the battery and the blue wire of the BMS I have 14.5 volts. But between the + of the battery and the black wire of the BMS I only have 10.8 volts. Looks like the BMS is holding some voltage :) That is a new...
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    LiFePO4 Battery Warmer Install

    I am reading a lot to get all the information I need to prepare the heating box for my batteries. So thanks for sharingyour knowledge. From what I am reading, the almost perfect watts per inch would be around .6w/inch ! Does it seams right to you ?
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    BMS 8S

    I am modifying my RV battery to use LiFePO4. For now I am waiting from alibaba on 4 3.2volts 280ah battery and a BMS 4S 150a. My questions: - next year I will add 4 more battery to my system and want to keep it 12vdc. So I have found here on the forum that I can use the same BMS 4S with 8...