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    Which power supply for Riden RD6018

    Thanks for your help @Just John I ordered the RD6018 with the 1000 watt PS I had watched Jerry Walker videos but they pertained to the RD6012. I was unsure if the 1000 watt would fit in the case. We shall see.
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    Which power supply for Riden RD6018

    The RD6018W kit is offed with a choice of 800 or 1000 watt power supply. Which one is best? Is bigger better? Will the larger unit fit in the case? Thank you.
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    Klein CL200 Clamp multimeter to check amp for charge / discharge

    Return your clamp meter and buy the Klein CL900. Reads AC and DC Reads higher voltage. Reads in rush current Not much more money Oh, and get the temperature probe
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    Snow on my panels is killing me

    You could adapt this to a pressure tank to apply de-icing fluid! 24' Telescoping Wand Would RV antifreeze work as a de-icer?
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    This guy claims lead acid is superior to Lithium Iron Phosphate in solar applications

    You could use your spare time rebuilding them like these guys do :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Possible to power my shop totally off grid?

    Check the posts by JeepHammer. He ran a machine shop off grid. There was some conflict so he doesn't post anymore.
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    Ahh springtime in Australia, that pleasant time of the year

    November! Springtime in Australia; Heard this on Macca a while back. Good picking.
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    Ahh springtime in Australia, that pleasant time of the year

    Aaahhh, springtime in Australia! I would love to be there now rather than this; Photo credit to Blaithin at
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    Do you think I could use this for a battery Case?

    Check out the ammo cases at Many sizes available.
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    To our Aussie Solies

    This picture is from a thread about hoses, but their solar controls are by the water pressure regulator. What is that box with the two meters in it? What would be connected to the Anderson Connectors? One is connected. one is not...
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    Does anyone have a drawing?? 24V 32cell

    Can't say as I blame you!
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    Bookmarking a post (not a thread)

    Thanks guys. That works. I opened a sub-folder in my browsers solar bookmark folder for instructions and diagrams. Too often I later don't remember the thread that the information is in or it gets burried in a long thread and I can't find it in Search. This will keep information where I can...
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    Bookmarking a post (not a thread)

    At times we may want to save a reference to a post on multi page thread. At the post number in the upper right corner there is a bookmark flag that changes colour when you click on it. Where do you go to recall these bookmarks. They are not part of the browser bookmarks that I can see.
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    propane auto changeover with generator

    The inverter model.
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    propane auto changeover with generator

    I have just ordered the Champion 2000 Dual fuel model. I think they are reliable enough for my use. They also have the parallel kit.