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  • Sizing Solar Cells for Couple Full-time Boondocking

    Hello! The weather is warming up here and there's no longer a foot of snow on my travel trailer, so I'm getting ready to install some solar panels. I already set up the energy storage and shore charging system. tl;dr: - 280 Ah 24V DIY battery - Multiplus inverter/charger - Some other victron...
  • Designing Victron System for Keystone RV Travel Trailer

    Hey everyone, happy Thanksgiving! This is my first post on the forum -- found it after watching some of Will's videos. I'm a Mechanical Engineer who changed careers to software development so that I could work remote. I've done a decent amount of industrial automation and microcontroller work in...
  • Taking Bets: how long to top balance?

    My charger is on order, but I figured I’d start top balancing with my chineesium psu. We are currently at 3.315 volts with the psu set to 3.65 @ no load. Bets on how many months it takes???
  • Balance an assembled battery with resistor

    So I’ve got an 8S diy LiFePo4 bank which is out of balance: I’m on the road and it’s my primary means of powering my vehicle, so I’m looking for an easy/low-risk way to balance it a little that doesn’t involve taking the system offline. I’ve heard of people connecting an automotive headlight...
  • Looking for a BMS Manual for QUICC 7S-10S Relay Smart BMS

    Hey, has anyone purchased this BMS? It did not ship with a manual and I've got radio silence from the shipper. If you could point me to an online version of the manual, I'd much appreciate it. Happy Holidays!