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    Any way to increase bluetooth range?

    They are a 4-pin connector and you can buy the male and female connectors on Amazon. I bought some so that I could plug my ESP32 boards in to replace the BT boards
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    Off-grid Solar / Battery monitoring and control freeware

    I have a few different dashboards that I use to monitor my system. On mobile displays it's hard to get things to fit in properly so I just use gauges that sit one under the other. For the main monitor panel I run a kiosk mode Pi display that cycles through dashboards. On my desktop I have large...
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    Renogy your so close.. open discussion.

    I've ordered a number of items from them and sometimes the packaging arrives undamaged and sometimes it doesn't. The inverter was well packed in fitted foam. The suitcase solar kit box was torn up with no other packaging and the panels face outwards (they worked). You can always get 10% of...
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    Renogy 3000w inverter problem

    I have the Renogy 3000w PSW inverter. I had a large load on it when my wife turned on her hair dryer. Current draw got up over 200A before I told her she was doing too much at once and turned of the dryer. Mine never shut down at all and I'm fused for the full 3000W so that didn't blow either
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    Off-grid Solar / Battery monitoring and control freeware

    Wanderer and Rover have the same register format as I recall. I'm running a Py script against a Rover in my system
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    Expedient charging-LiFePO4

    A dumb FLA charger will likely max at 13.8v or so. Not enough to get the LFP to full charge but good for what you need. I don't charge my LFP batteries to the full 14.2V with my solar setup on TH RV
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    Assistance with Renogy 2000W Inverter Charger shutting down

    I returned the Renogy 3000w I/C and bought the 3000w Renogy PSW inverter. I used it on our winter travels. We boondock about 2/3 of the trip. I ran it almost to the full 3000w with no issues.
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    JBD BMS Wi-Fi Module

    Are you using the esp8266 or esp32 based units? I have esp32's talking to my JBD bms's and sending data via MQTT over wifi and it works well. I couldn't get the comms to work reliably with ESP01 (esp8266) boards
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    JBD / Overkill BMS Monitoring

    Not all BMS configs have the two sensors. In the DD03 buffer the cell[26] will have a 1 or a 2 and then 1 or 2 dbl-byte values will be in the next 2 or 4 cells. From my ESP32 code: iNTCQuantity = inBuff[26]; if(iNTCQuantity > 0) flTempValues[0] =...
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    JBD / Overkill BMS Monitoring

    Yes. I built a board for the ESP32 that has a voltage converter for power and then connects to the BMS serial port. Should be pics somewhere on here found it there's a small buck converter under the ESP32
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    JBD / Overkill BMS Monitoring

    I wrote my own.
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    JBD / Overkill BMS Monitoring

    I used to use UDP broadcasts for my old system (in an RV) but switched to MQTT at the source. I have an ESP32 on each BMS and it publishes MQTT which is picked up by a Pi4. I figure the ESP32 is the cheapest way to do a wireless connection
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    Choosing inverter size for RV

    I had a 2000w and when I switched to Li I replaced it with a 3000w. Mostly to get a direct connection inverter but the extra watts are helpful too. This is on a 50A fifth wheel. I pulled over 2000w a few times last winter Edit: I'm on 12v. If I was wanting to consistently run up near the 3000w...
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    See this before buying Victron

    I would think that would require a fair bit of tq on the lug screw considering what it takes to properly compress a ferrule with the proper tool. I'll just stick to putting the stranded cable into the lug where the cable gauge doesn't exceed the lug size.
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    Solar Assistant - data logger

    I had a Pi lunch the SD card when I was using mySQL for a db onto it. I now run an SSD for the db on my current monitoring system for the RV. It tracks all the solar & GPS location info using Influx. Working fine since last Oct. I also run Plex on it