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diy solar

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  • Post in thread: Felicity Solar batteries

    This is felicity overselling here. A 272whrs is equivalent to approx. 8.8 kwhrs battery on 16s 2p configuration. The price is too good to be true. I have 230AH rated battery from DOCAN via a Madam Daissy. a full capacity test came to 12.29 kwhrs cuttoff at 40V. All cells tested over 240AH.
  • Post in thread: Batteryless system that can share power with grid!

    have seen this at a very good price compared to phocos anygrind inverter that can also draw balance from the grid for a battery less solar system. looks like there are no reviews availble online
  • Post in thread: Defective Daly BMS or user error?

    Had a similar problem using phocos anygrid inverter and Daly 150amp BMS. The problem was just my failure to tighten just one connection on the battery.. any time I turned on inverter and added load BMS would immediately trip.
  • Post in thread: Daly Smart Bms Deye inverter CAN communication

    I used Daly cable to connect to RJ45 port(extracted from wall port) wired to match Deye pinout and used normally internet CAT 6 cable.
  • Post in thread: What are High Voltage 250V to 500V BMS config options

    hi Just seen these
  • Post in thread: Daly Smart Bms Deye inverter CAN communication

    hi. had similar situation two days ago. and not even daly rep assistant could tell why Daly not communicating with deye through either CAN or rs485 port. untill I interchanged can high and can low. (cross wired) it immediately communicated and could read all data. all this was directly from...
  • Post in thread: Help

    I purchased same from Jim li of foshan sunmart on Alibaba. I installed it with 48v 200ah AGM battery bank. The sales agent was kind enough to guide in installation though it's a replica of phocos anygrid inverter which I have installed many times. The unit has been running for one month with...
  • Post in thread: Interesting what's considered a 'Tier 1' chinese inverter, wonder if Amy would be our purchase agent.

    Phocos anygrid inverter offers the best value for money. It quite versatile and handles load well. I stress tested it for two hours and it handled it smoothly.. still running perfectly after one year..

diy solar

diy solar