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  • EG4 18KPV- brilliant

    I got my 18kpv, and I don't have a question so much as a quick thanks. @GRV0423 has been helping me last night and today. Got this setup perfect. Once i get all my panels up and orientated, I won't be using much grid power. Tip of the hat to @GRV0423 for the excellent support.
  • New eg4 18kpv

    I just ordered a eg4 18kpv and 30kwh of eg4 server rack batteries. I see the eg4 18kpv has two inputs for the batteries. Do I just connect one to the bus bar on the case, or two?
  • Eg4 power pro budget model and LL v2.

    I saw Wills video on the powerpro budget model. I already have 6 eg4 LLs. I'm wanting to add on, and was just about ready to buy 3 more server rack batteries, but I really like the power pro. Will communication work between the two?
  • EG4 18kpv customer code

    I just got my new eg4 18kpv and am trying to setup the dongle. It asks for a customer or installer code. Anyone know where I can find that?
  • Eg4 ll battery multiple errors

    I've suddenly started having problems with one of my eg4 LL batteries. On Monday my 18kpv ended up with a short on the dc bus. While waiting to get a new one I was updating the firmware. All was going well until this battery. Below is what I see when I plug it in and rum bms tools. I got the...
  • Eg4 18kpv dead short

    I've had my 18kpv up and running for about a year. I can't say enough good about it. However, this morning it stopped working suddenly at 9:35. Battery error. After calling sig solar (speedy quick and patient with me) we did some troubleshooting and it appears to be a dead short on the batt side...
  • EG4 PowerPro WallMount AllWeather Lithium Battery

    Well, this is new. Anyone know if that battery is compatible with the eg4 LL server rack batteries I have?
  • EG4 18KPV rapid shutdown switch

    Awesome Friday folks. This is likely a silly question- but I'm new to this. The eg4 has a rapid disconnect switch on the side. The manual shows, I think, a remote rapid disconnect for outside by the panel. Is this a special rapid disconnect - or any model will work?
  • Optimizers?

    Looking for a bit of advice. I live in a suburban area and have a ground mount system. I have 20 400w panels. In midday they produce wildly well. In the mornings and afternoons, not so much. Some of each string is shaded by tree or home. Would optimizers on each panel help, do you think? And...