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  • Post in thread: [PSA] Make sure to properly prepare your connections to aluminium terminal posts in order to ensure low contact resistance.

    Sorry for resurrecting this thread... but I still have some doubts related to it: If I use these cells (EVE LF280k with double terminals) with an alu busbar - with the double of the original busbar size (don't know which alu type, tbh) - there should be no worries with dissimilar metals...
  • Post in thread: Poor Docan Experience (Resolved)

    Wouldn't think twice...
  • Post in thread: Metal used for Compression

    Hi! I'm very interested in your setup. Could you please share some photos? Thanks!!
  • Post in thread: Another Cell Compression Thread, this time about foam

    Please read your's cells datasheet. Most probably if needed, it's described there. For EVE 280k it's described as 3 rods each side, 10mm alu or wood (?), compressing on the larger side - IIRC
  • Post in thread: Brand new EVE (Grade A) LF280k from NKON arrived (made August 2022)

  • Post in thread: Brand new EVE (Grade A) LF280k from NKON arrived (made August 2022)

  • Post in thread: Newbie

    Howdy. Just beggining with lithium - hence been lurking in the forum reading as much as I can - though with some previous DIY experience on solar, just for fun. Been quite a learning experience around here!
  • Post in thread: Server Rack Battery vs DIY

    As I,'m in the process of accessing a new set of cells, could you please share the brand and source for yours? Thanks in advance
  • Post in thread: JK 4S 200A BMS

    I remember your tests, and I understand quite clearly your description, as I have used this arrangement for other purposes in the past, but... I'm not understanding JK's instructions on the heating pad! :( I've just received a brand new JK-B2A8S20P-H AliExpress instructions: Provided cable...
  • Post in thread: QR Tag Conflicts - EVE & CATL

    These are my own Grade A bought from a reputable company (famous last words) You can use it to check if you find any differences from yours. If you need better pics, let me know Thread
  • Post in thread: Finished Our 4th RV Solar Installation

    Nice!! What have you used to make the schematic? I'm starting drawing my setup, but I'm finding difficult to get the Victron components in a software that can make nice diagrams like the one you have...
  • Post in thread: Victron compatible LiFePO4 BMS

    Just found it. It's buried somewhere in the 40 page thread!! :censored:
  • Post in thread: CATL 202ah - new supplier, potential problem

    If they're supposed to be "A Grade", brand new, than it's not your problem. Something is wrong. Compare to advertising pics and if different get all your money back
  • Post in thread: Anybody tried new JK BMS with inverter communication support?

    Another (quite cheaper) idea could be Luyuan's. I've ordered one, but haven't received it yet, so I can't comment on the quality . It's customised for cells and BMS
  • Post in thread: Need EVE 280K Batteries: Luyuan? Qso? Docan? Other Companies?

    Never heard otherwise.
  • Post in thread: 12v and 24v sharing negative bus bar

    Hi. Though I searched the forum, I was not able to find an answer for this: In a van setup, fitted with a 12v electrical system, can I have a 24v house system with chassis as common ground? (no, it will not be the only ground!) Van: Ducato / Promaster / Jumper / Relay (they are all the same -...
  • Post in thread: Bluetooth BMS' and using an "Android PC" for monitoring.

    Hi Steve! I know you don't have Victron gear. But with the VenusOS you get a pretty nice interface/ central console. I have not explored it myself, I'm about to, but what I see is an easy way to present all batteries to a nice GUI, easily accessible from anywhere through VRM / web. Regards
  • Post in thread: Compress or not, flexible busbar or not

    Thanks for your input!!
  • Post in thread: EVE LF280k Vs 304

    Thanks for your input. I really don't need 280ah with a second battery bank. 2x 24v 200(ish)ah would be enough
  • Post in thread: EVE LF280k Vs 304

    Thanks for your lengthy response! If you were buying cells right now, which cells (vendor?) would you bet? (in my case, it's for a mobile application - campervan)
  • Post in thread: Breaker for Battery bank

    Thanks for your input! I really like SE, and being in Europe that's easier to source. I'll try to see if I can get their support.
  • Post in thread: Blade type LiFePo4 from BYD

    Hi! I don't understand the type of terminals they have. How do you connect them?
  • Post in thread: MCB - van conversion

    I'm also very interested in the responses...
  • Post in thread: Multi meter recommendation : on the cheap side

    Hi. My current multi meter only reads 2 decimal places in DC current. Not the best for LiFePo4 cells... As such I need a new multi meter, preferably quite reliable, and on the cheap(ish) side. yeah... I checked a Fluke just for fun, and got quite scared with the 1k price tag So, requirements...
  • Post in thread: EVE LF280k Vs 304

    Considering just "Grade A" cells (whatever that really means) from NKON or Luyuan, why choose one over the other? (no horror stories, just facts, please, like # of cycles, costs, etc) Thinking about a second battery bank (first being LF280k, still not assembled) for mobile application...
  • Post in thread: Our NEW GO-TO LiFePO4 vendor...09.20.21

    Thank you very much for your description! I don't know much about pressure, pressure distribution among several pressure sources (double the number of springs means half the pressure each spring needs to produce for a constant pressure, or is it non linear?), pressure change along spring...
  • Post in thread: Breaker for Battery bank

    Regarding the SE 865-DCBRK-250, I was not able to find any info if it is or not polarized, and as such if it's usable in a battery bank as a disconnect switch (under load). (Use case in 160 max amps.) Where can I get that info? Thanks in advance!
  • Post in thread: Our NEW GO-TO LiFePO4 vendor...09.20.21

    Hi! Could you please send me a link to the springs you used in your fixture? The picture's right battery seems to show them almost bottoming out, or is it just the photo's angle? Thanks in advance
  • Post in thread: Which JK-BMS version? CANBUS or Heat?

    Watching out of curiosity of JK BMSs and communication with Victron...
  • Post in thread: Best 280-304 to buy right now?

    Thanks! The top right Orion... is it for 24v to 12v conversation? I was meant to also use 2 Orion for 12v to 24v but you got me thinking...